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Recording "Tonight You're Mine"


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This week we're featuring four unpublished photos of Eric cutting a vocal track for one of the tunes on his Arista LP Tonight You're Mine. These photos were taken at an L.A. studio in 1979. Unfortunately, the lyrics sheet that Eric has propped up next to his microphone stand isn't legible, otherwise we'd be able to tell exactly which song off the album he was recording here. Nonetheless, a rare look at Eric in the studio. Enjoy!


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now, mj, in your defense I actually could see how you would read it as "stan"...if you scroll down fast enough, it does look like it.

and which one of our tech savvy boarders will be the one to enhance the song title on the sheet so we can know what song it is???

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On 6/9/2008 at 1:56 PM, Bessieboo said:

But none of the guys I knew would have it buttoned so low.

WORD! Beth. And what happen to tight jeans on men? In the 70's all of "our" guys wore them. Baggy jeans, ugh! I feel sorry for my niece Katharyn. She'll never know what it is to look at a guy with great long hair, lean body and pants that aren't hanging from his thighs! To quote my late friend Tim: "Youth of America, pull up your pants!" :angry:

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On 6/9/2008 at 8:52 PM, hollies65 said:

Heh...I'm your age and I look the same in tight pants now as I did 30 years ago. Tight pants just are not comfortable...

And neither are spikey high heels, but we know you guys love 'em. And I'm sure you'd look maaaaahvelous in tight pants if you still can wear them! Come on, give us a thrill! ;)

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