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Sounds Of Silence


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I used to love those girl's gym (or cafeteria) mixers at Brush. But, yuck to that 3.2 beer down at Kent. I always thought there was something perverse about having a waiting line to get in the door out in front of the joint, a waiting line to buy a pitcher of watered-down beer AND a waiting line for the one of two stalls in the ladies' room that was functioning! You guys had it easy! :lol:

But you're right about the excellent bands that wedre around. And if 3.2 beer was what funded it, I say let's lower the drinking age and bring back 3.2.

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To Eric and all others,

I really enjoyed seeing the photos that have been displayed of really "young" musicians. (EC and his buddies and of course the Quarrymen...er the Beatles). The one common thread you all had is you were having fun and that is all that counts. It got you through those tough teenage years that we all had to pass through. I thank the good Lord for people like all of you who made our lives a lot more fun by sharing your gifts that you all still have to this day and are still using to bring fun to others.

You know, the Beatles and the Raspberries have a lot in common other than their material. Liverpool and Cleveland are two northern cities that are on the water and very cold. The teenagers back in the day formed bands and were quite productive. The Beatles went to Hamburg and did their thing and the Raspberries went on a European tour and we have an audio recording of them with the Armed Forces that is just fantastic! A lot of similarities.

Yes, I think back on my high school days in Peoria, Il and they were fun too. We had some great high school bands that played after the games in the school foyer and they were fantastic. One band even had an up and coming rocker named Dan Fogelberg who played and had the same agent as Eric....sorry I can't remember his name Ivan, or something like that. Anyway...here's to good times in the past and more to come down the road!


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On 10/29/2008 at 5:28 PM, chris hess said:

one of my fave places was a dive called "the flying machine" witha purple helicopter on top!! saw alot of good bands there..asked my future wife out there too..to be young again!! lol,chris

That place was started by the owner of "Fottenbottens" in downtown Willoughby. 

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