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Sounds Of Silence


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Pictured above (from left to right) are: Marty Murphy, Bob Schepens, Lee McManus, Bob Montague and Eric.

- - - -

From Eric Carmen: Marathon Man:

"I started attending John Carroll University in Cleveland in the fall of 1966 and Eric enrolled in the fall of 1967," says Marty Murphy. "Simon and Garfunkel were on a college campus tour and were set to play at John Carroll. We had been told that we were going to open for them. We thought that it was pretty cool, but it turned out not to be the case. The band subsequently did do some Simon and Garfunkel songs which bordered on the schizophrenic as we were also playing 'My Generation' and 'The Kids Are Alright' by the Who."

Inspired by almost sharing the stage with Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, the band rechristened themselves Sounds of Silence, and while a black and white print of the above photo appeared for the first time in Eric Carmen: Marathon Man, this is the first time the photo is being seen in color.


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As always, great digging, Bernie --- right back to the beginning of a tremendous career. I'd love to hear "My Generation" in a "Simon-and-Garfunkelized" state.

Speaking of digging, I can just hear the Women Of EC.com swooning over that young and innocent musical genius. Do we know the whereabouts of some of the other Sounds of Silence? (Apologies if I've missed references elsewhere....)

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Bernie, PLEASE send this horrible photo back to your "private archives" and if you happen to pass a blazing fireplace on the way....well, you know...... :(

P.S. While you're at it, how about losing the picture on the homepage as well. :blink:

I'd just as soon not be reminded of my "awkward teen years."

Thanks in advance,


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I'm still friggin laughing as I type this -- I've never had so much fun than to laugh at Eric's post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eric - it's totally ok to see you as a young lad. When I saw the photo I got envy because you got good schooling. And even if you had buck teeth or something, it wouldn't matter. You're Eric Carmen and that's all that matters.

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Hey, Eric, good to see you post, even if it's to show your disapproval. I think you all look great, and I think you've looked great in every picture, but none of us really love to have our teenage photos out for the world to see.

Now we COULD send out a general call for former classmates of Bernard to send us HIS pictures from "the tender years" and see how much HE enjoys it. I'll bet there are some wild pictures from his Mortimer Snerd days... ;)

:) --Darlene

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EC... we all have survived our awkward teen years... most of us only dream of the successes you have had, but those teen years are the years when we all still have the hopes and the dreams and the youthful innocence to believe they might come true. Seeing you in this time reminds us of what might had been had we been more talented and more blessed... but it also reminds us of the wonders of youthful hopes and dreams... that do come true for some... :lol:

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