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At The Record Plant


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This week's rare photos are from the private collection of Jim Bonfanti and take us back to the glory days of Raspberries circa 1972.

The first photo shows Record Plant engineer Shelly Yakus at the mixing console during a recording session for Raspberries' first Capitol LP. Shelly worked alongside producer Jimmy Ienner and assistant engineer Dennis "The Fly" Ferrante at New York City's Record Plant, where all four Raspberries LPs were recorded.

The second photo shows a promotional Record Plant "wooden nickle" that Jim has kept in his possession for the past 35 years.

The third photo is a terrific snapshot of Wally Bryson holding his personal copy of the group's first gold record for Raspberries' smash hit "Go All The Way."


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As always, thanks, Bernie. It's nice to see Shelly Yakus get some "ink" — especially while he was working on that first 'berries album.

And it's also nice to see our favorite guitar hero looking so happy... That must be an unforgettable experience, getting your first gold record. I bet Wally would get a nice nostalgia blitz out of that one...

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Maybe we need a regular EC.com party. A reunion of past members. A place where past members can check in to tell the few remaining posters among us how they're doing.... Because I do wonder about old friends who've disappeared....

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Replying to MJ's comment about the shoes.......

To appreciate Wally's worn-out soles, it's important to understand that *most musicians* have 2 different kinds of shoes - gig shoes for stage and the rest are ones that get worn out because they're too darn busy rehearsing and performing to go shopping for shoes!

I know .... I'm married to one (well, I'm a musician myself to be honest - ha!), and he was wearing his dress up musician gig shoes to the huge backyard BBQ party held in mid July in the Chicago area only because he thought that he needed to "dress up" since it was a party. I knew who he was before I actually met him and started speaking with him at that party (he's now a Hall of Famer in the Barbershop Harmony Society; Lifetime Achievement in 2014!). So when I spotted him and those shoes he inappropriately chose for that backyard BBQ in the hot summer months, I just sort of laughed out loud to myself.

"Musicians! You can spot them a mile away if you know what the clues are!"

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