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We're Havin' A Party


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(Yeah, clap your hands)

We're having a party,
dancing to the music
played by the D.J.
on the radio

The Cokes are in the icebox,
popcorn's on the table
Me and my baby, yeah,
we're out here on the floor, oh yeah

- - - -

Ahhh...hanging with the 'Berries circa 1971. Now, that looks like a scene!


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Eric...If you're saying you were 21 in these photos, then it was 1970. It had to be the very beginning of the Raspberries....remember the Spring of 1970??? "Bridge Over Troubled Waters"....McCartneys' "McCartney" LP....Kent State...JB's....

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Such adorable photos! I've always loved guys in black turtleneck.

Thank you so much Bernie for these SO sweet pictures and memories.

Thank you so much Eric for...EXISTING!!! :wub:

PS: Eric, your very Cool look has always reminded me of my idol James Dean...

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What fantastic pictures! The black turtleneck was so cool. I also remember that besides John and Paul, Leonard Bernstein wore them and so did my dreamy conductor of the Peoria Symphony, Harold Bauer. Ultra cool.

Those "kids" really knew how to party! And make great music. They still do!

:) --Darlene

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