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Rock Super Session


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In 1982, a "Rock Super Group" played to packed arenas in Japan.

"The way this tour came about," explains drummer Carmine Appice, "is that I got a call from the promoters who wanted to know if I wanted to tour Japan. I told them, 'Sure,' and they told me to put a band together. I was already working with Tom Petersson, so I asked him and he said yes.

"The promoters originally wanted me to use a Japanese guitarist, but I felt that it would be hard to rehearse that way, so I suggested that we take an American guitarist. I knew that Rick Derringer had never been to Japan, so I asked Rick and he agreed. Duane Hitchings was my musical director, so he had to come. Duane and I played on Eric's Tonight You're Mine album, so I called Eric and asked him if he wanted to join us and he said yes.

"We had a good relationship on tour—we were all good friends. The idea for Rock Super Session was that audiences could see everybody all together in one show. We each performed a few of our own songs, so it was like seeing five different shows in one night."

—From Eric Carmen: Marathon Man

- - - -

Top Photo: Tom Petersson, Eric, Carmine Appice, Rick Derringer and Duane Hitchings.
Bottom Photo: Tom Petersson, Rick Derringer and Eric.

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Rick's always been a serious player, even back in his McCoys days....let alone his couple of years in Johnny Winter And, trading leads and licks with the albino one! I'm guessing he wasn't as heavily into the ink/tattoos back in the early 80's, though....he's pretty heavily tatt'd nowadays, and looks like a biker from Hell!

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