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Live At The Bottom Line


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Wow! I was just talking to a friend who was at that show and said he rated it as the biggest surprise of any concert he has ever seen! He's raved about this show to me for years! He said that just a week or two prior he had seen The Who and thought that they had put on the greatest show he had ever seen. Then he went to see Eric at the Bottom Line and said Eric blew The Who away!!

He's the guy who turned me onto Raspberries and Eric many years ago.

Other than Midnight Special or Don Kirschner appearances is there any video of this tour? After hearing about it for so long I'd love to see it!

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Oh ya Baby ! I WAS THERE ! What was an awesome show ! and yes, I remember that jumpsuit. My seat was right next to the stage I could have reached out and grabbed him !! I was also lucky enough to meet him after the show.I told him his show was great and that I was hugh fan, I felt like such a groupie but I didn't care. It was the first time I meet Eric personally. Thanks for the Memories Eric !

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Muzza said:

sheesh.. girls!!!!!


But, this pic deserves a Poem!!

Certainly, this poem could've been written for EC:

(sorry, my free translation from italian)

Just at thirty-metres distance, I can see very well.
I'd like to be close to you, just at thirty-metres distance...
and sometimes, being near a fountain, or a river
to get close to such Energy You are,
whether you're sleeping, having rest, or just smiling.

So then, I'll be in the dusk, late in the evening,
to confirm that I can shine myself too.
And, beyond that tape with your voice recorded on it,
they're Brightness, Radiant apparitions;
they were called Angels in old times,

Who want to learn from you:
Purity and Tenderness, Shyness and Truth
(among other angelical arts),
which have been never seen together before!
neither in those places, nor in others...

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