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I just wrote that headline to make Eric look..:-)

Eric was quite articulate in another thread about the distinction between the Raspberries and himself... it was also pretty cool. The Raspberries legacy is now documented and acknowledged forever by the recent killer peformances. Funny they have just 4 albums and mull over what song to drop, and others with 20 albums mull over what to include.

I have two Raspberries comments.

1. Legacy. They were first called derivitive, and now they are cited as influential. Same 4 albums. Cool. Love it. Ironic

2. Commercial. As Eric said, if I was them, I'd balance my life and play a handful of dates each year around the country and grab 1,000 of the 10,000 hardcore fans each night and be pleased.

I could have made a living though at exposing the Raspberries biggest flaw... the only people that don't like them, are pretty much the people that were unaware of them. I have increased the fan base by 20 fold in Seattle by simply playing their music at parties. "You're kidding, that's the same guy that sang ABM""

My point.. don't rule out double bill. Sure you're dwarfed by Bruce or Jovi, BUT, it is proved you can succesfully CO-bill. REO and Styx are in the same boat...yesterdays news, still have a large following , family more important than music.... I've spoke with Kevin Cronin, the seemingly competing groups get along famously, they co-bill, they alternate headliners, they sell new albums and merch, they help each other... They basically only go out on weekends, mostly summer weekends. Diapers during the week, rockstar on Saturday. (I think Lennon was headed this way)

Again, legacy.. done... handful of dates a year since you're rehearsed..for fun Commercial... commercial co bill to broaden the audience.. who? Guess Who, and Knack come to mind... Bruce and Jon may overshadow, and you're playing to a lot of people trying to find their seats and get their first beer .. but it's a numbers game and I would return their call if received. Same if your ID shows a call from B. Joel.

I'm happy and at peace, if the 'berries and the dubs play just a few dates a year, and just preach to the choir. It's our little collective secret... but if THEY want more, there are decisions to make.

Eric, thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights on Bernies forum. It keeps the site alive.

Seattle Steve

Harmony and balance.. works in music.. works in life.

(btw, my boats for sale, and unless you and Jim no longer care for fresh dugeness crab, then I guess it won't matter.)

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Could not agree more Steve!

Just heard on the radio that both Styx (without Dennis de Young, no less), and REO Speedwagon, will be opening for Def Leopard here in Ottawa in April. Seems to be a trend.

Like yourself, I have been promoting the band to a whole new generation of fans through parties, work, (I have a lot of younger staff at my restaurant), and radio phone ins, etc. Most are blown away when they experience "Live on Sunset Strip". It's just such an exhuberant departure from the "stuff" they spend their time listening too.

I believe a Canadian appearance at a venue such as Ottawa's Bluesfest would fit in to what you described. Captive audience, major headliner, equals instant new fan base.

Having said that, however, I must admit that there is some selfishness in my motivation. Not in the traditional sense, ie: because I would like to see them again(although of course I would).

It's more about the fact that since I've experienced my favorite band live, it almost feels like Im on a mission that everyone has got to see them, experience them......that to miss out on this, if you're any kind of serious music fan, is to miss out on the absolute best, most exhuberant, moving, emotionally uplifting concert experience ever.


Perhaps if it was just myself describing my experience. However my wife (new fan, who normally is ho-hum when it comes to any music, not really her thing),my 2 stepchildren (both in early 20's), my own daughter (23), experienced precisely what I described above. They still talk about Cleveland. (as well as enjoy their own "Sunset Strip" special editions, which made great stocking stuffers this year).

The same goes for my sister in Montral, who was with me in New York.

How did that shampoo commercial used to go? Oh yeah "and they tell 2 friends, and they all tell 2 friends, etc., etc.......

Having said all of that, however, that fact remains that more shows are of course, the band's decision to make. There are obviously other priorities and influences that come into play at this point in our lives. If the decision was made to close the door with Ceveland last December, all I can say is thank you so much for caring enough about your fans some 30+ years later that you did all the great shows you did, and gave us fans, especially those of us who couldn't be there in '72-'74,such a fantastic gift. I will treasure the memories! And for a superb live recording! That is literally a gift that will keep on giving.

Of course that sentiment holds true if the choice is made to do more shows as well!!!

By the way! Welcome prettymom777! Another Canadian fan ! Now that's a trend I would definitely encourage!

Play On!

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"and they tell 2 friends, and they all tell 2 friends, etc., etc......."

That's the way it is for me right now. Because I won't let anyone out of a room without saying: I met Eric Carmen! - my friends and family will also sit through the story about how great the concert was. And the cool thing is...whenever - if ever the band plays again, there is now an interest in my group of friends to expand their horizons past concerts they are used to going to and joining me at the Raspberries. :)

Wendy (having fun in San Fran)

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