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What Would You Pick?


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Ok...it is Christmas time, and every Christmas for years I have wondered what A Raspberries Christmas album would be like. Actually, I would love to here Eric and the guys do anything, but these are some I think might be just great:

1. The Christmas Song - I could just imagine sitting around the Christmas tree, nice fire going, and Eric doing this. Sure would set the mood with the little lady. What do you think?

2. Run Run Rudolf - Can you picture Wally doing his thing with this little number?

3. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - If you think John Mellencamp rocked with this one....Jim would put his signature on this little diddy.

4. Little Saint Nick - Tell me Dave wouldn't give new life to this one.


5. Jingle Bell Rock - I would love to hear how the guys could do their own version of this. I would bet anything it would be unique.

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I had this idea several years ago and was promptly informed that Eric was Jewish and therefore wouldn't sing any holiday songs....to which I replied "Barry Manilow, Neil Diamond, B. Streisand, etc. Anyway, my favorite is Jingle Bell Rock...which is a holiday favorite for all.

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We have a bunch of Christmas CDs, and to be honest, I only like a handful of songs. Springsteen's Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Bryan Adams' Run Run Rudolph, and the Ramones' Merry Christmas (I Don't Wanna Fight Tonight). One CD I love is called something like a Live Christmas Extravaganza. It was a benefit show at the Stone Pony from maybe 10 or 15 years ago, headed up by Glenn Burtnick. It's got Marshall Crenshaw, Willie Nile, Lenny Kaye, and a bunch of other people that I can't remember. That gets played a lot every year.

Regarding Raspberries doing a holiday song, how about covering Big Star's "Jesus Christ"?

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"Bells Will be Ringing" - I was 100% certain this was recorded by Johhny Ace but I can not find any google reference to his having recorded it. I am talking about 1954. It was a big hit although much of its success is attributed, by some, to his untimely death at Christmas that year.

POPDUDE,, help me here.

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The only Christmas albums I've really loved were ethnic Christmas songs, because I've either heard or played the others to death. My polka band did an amazing album of Polish Kolendy (Christmas songs) and I love those. They're extremely beautiful.

I also treasure the album I have of Sari Barabas doing traditional Hungarian Christmas songs. My Mom and Uncle Steve were Hungarian, and the songs are exquisite. One of my fondest memories of Mom and Uncle Steve is remembering how they both loved listening to that record. And the picture of Sari on the front cover looks like my Aunt Sophia.

I love hearing Johnny Mathis sing The Christmas Song, but it's not really exciting to the point that I want a Razz Christmas album!

I'd rather have a Razz album of new music, co-written by Eric/Wally and other bandmembers. Now *THAT* would be over-the-moon exciting, and would garner new interest from others than the usual "loyal fan base!"


:) --Darlene

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