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Raspberries and Lots of Fluff


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Raspberries and lots of fluff…
What happens when you worship at the alter of the soft rock(?) gods.

Along with Badfinger, the Raspberries introduced me to 70’s style power pop. It’s a love that has never left me. Maybe it’s my guitar envy, but the mix of crunchy pop/rock and harmonies are a mix that always gets me going. In fact, it was my interest in the Raspberries that led me back to THEIR influences, namely The Who, and The Beach Boys.

The media (not to mention their PR guys) didn’t know how to package them. They rocked harder then any “pop” group, but was positioned as teen idols which always seemed odd to me considering some of the lyrical content was anything but tame. (I mean…could YOU see David Cassidy and/or Donny Osmond singing, “I just wanna make you feel good inside baby”)

It seems odd now that there was a fuss about such things, but until the late 70’s, the gulf between “FM rock” and top 40 was a divide that was not easily bridged. That, along with a difference in direction between Carmen and bandmates Dave Smalley and Wally Bryson broke apart the band.

What bothered me since their breakup was Eric’s sharp turn into soft rock. He always showed that side during his Raspberries days, however, there was more than enough rock to balance things out. There are a few songs that have interested me since (“Hungry Eyes”, and especially, “Make Me Lose Control”), but never felt as if he ever got his power pop groove on again.

What you see here are two clips both from the 70’s…The first are the Raspberries in all of their power pop glory (this is one of my favorite songs from them….however if you like this, you will love hearing “Overnight Sensation” (Hit Record) one of the great lost singles of the 70’s.

Musical Snobbery At It's Finest, August 11, 2008


Well, it's apparent that this guy and I have a few musical differences. And while I'm not sure we could ever reach common ground, it seems to me that spelling Eric's name right would be a good place to start.


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I remember reading an article in Trouser Press by Ira Robbins around '76 or '77, about the Gods of Power Pop, and he talked about Big Star, Dwight Twilley, the Flamin' Groovies, Badfinger, etc., etc.

While Ira wasn't particularly happy about the somewhat softer direction that Eric's solo career had taken (vs. Raspberries), he didn't mention EC at all until the very end of the article...at which point he emphatically stated - "...and you know, the thing about power pop is -at any point, Eric Carmen could rise up and show everyone else I've mentioned just how it's done! He could be the king, if he chooses!" Over 30 years later, I still remember that article!

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To you great Eric CarmEn fans out there….

My post of a couple of days ago about Eric and The Raspberries has garnered quite a bit of attention. First of all, thank you for even taking the time to checking out the blog. Secondly, my bad for spelling Eric’s name wrong (yeah…I know it’s CarmEn). This reminds me to re-check in the morning after writing a blog late the night before.

The rest is just my personal opinion so take it or leave it as you will. I will say however, that I never thought that Eric forgot how to rock, anyone who listens to “Live on the Sunset Strip” can see that even after 30 years, The Raspberries are still the best power pop band in history. One just has to wonder what would have happened if he had continued in a pop/rock vein. (Either with the Raspberries or solo).

Musical Snobbery At It's Finest, August 12, 2008



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Don't know who he is, but the guy isn't very consistent. In the first entry, when he wished Eric a happy 59th birthday, he spelled his name correctly. Then later he misspelled it.

Kind of a crazy article. I don't share his opinions either, but at least someone put him on to the correct spelling of Eric's name.

:) --D

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Tonight or night
by Eric Grubbs

I don't mean to slight the wonderful, Eric Carmen-fronted Raspberries, but something I've wondered about ever since I received Overnight Sensation: the Very Best of the Raspberries involves a frequent lyric. Seems Mr. Carmen likes things at night . . . and preferably just at night.

". . . just how it feels at night to have to stand inside my shoes," from "Don't Wanna Say Goodbye."

"Please, go all the way/it feels so right/being with you here tonight," from "Go All the Way."

"I can’t sleep nights/wishing you were here beside me," "Baby let’s pretend that tonight could live forever," and "but for now let me just spend the night with you," from "Let's Pretend."

"If we were older/we wouldn't have to be worried tonight," "Well tonight's (tonight) the night," and "Hold me tight/Our love could live forever after tonight," from "I Wanna Be With You."

"All I ever wanted to be/was in your arms tonight," "Tonight/I'll be with you tonight/Tonight/You'll love me too tonight," "I'm making love to you, whoh, tonight," along with eighteen other mentions of "tonight" in "Tonight."

"I wanna woo you all night on the beach," from "On the Beach."

"Overnight sensation," from "Overnight Sensation."

While I think the tracklisting for Overnight Sensation is fantastic -- the first seven songs are all aces -- only one doesn't contain "night" or "tonight" in it. Yes, this is overkill (and makes me wonder what Mr. Carmen thought about the afternoons and/or mornings), but I can't but think this as I sing along to songs that still sound fresh today.

Theme Park Experience, April 24, 2008


Hey Bernie, what do you think of this commentary I tracked down...or have you already read it (no doubt you have ;)

Sigh, only Eric knows...and he's not tellin ;)

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Obviously this guy doesn't get that "nights" are much more romantic than mornings and afternoons.

Elvis' "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" would sound silly as "Are you Lonesome This Morning?" "Nights in White Satin" would sound pretty silly as "Afternoons in White Satin."

Maybe this guy's favorite song is "It's Four O'Clock in the Morning" or "Cruising Down The River on a Sunday Afternoon."

:) --D

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