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Stage Presence


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Mick Jagger


Michael Jackson (back in the day)

Elizabeth Taylor

James Dean

Natalie Wood

Mischa Elman (violinist)

Oscar Levant (pianist)

Pamela Frank (violinist)

Karen Dreyfus (violist)

David Finckel (cellist)

Jeffrey Solow (cellist)

When these people took the stage, they *owned* it like no one else ever could. *That's* stage presence/charisma.

:) --Darlene

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Three currently performing at the Top of their Game!

Mick Jagger...yes even at 63! Most singers half his age couldn't follow him around the stage nor give his vocal performance for 2 non-stop hours!

Bruce Springsteen.. always high energy and delivers his songs with passion.

John Fogerty...Incredible energy, lead guitar licks and homespun charm. My favorite Concert of 2007!


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I just want to clarify that Eric Carmen and Raspberries are at the top of my "stage presence" list. The question was "Who besides Eric?"...and the people ImaRocker described.

What drew me to Raspberries and Eric was the total package: the music was like nothing I'd ever heard and that in combination with their charisma was magical and mesmerizing and it absolutely still is--even more than ever. They're at the TOP of my list.

:) --Darlene

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James said:

3. Sissel (though my maleness might cause me to be a little biased here) - not a huge fan of her music but love to watch her perform on public TV.

I remember when she performed at the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lille hammer, Norway. She hit this note with such clarity and so strongly that it made my jaw drop. She has such an incredible voice it's really difficult to describe. ". And for those who aren't familiar with her she provided hauntingly aural background throughout the film Titanic.

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Six and a half years later, I'm responding to this thread.... Stage presence? The entries here nailed a lot of good ones; I would add Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham at Fleetwood Mac shows. As solo artists, sure. But on stage together, they're a sight to see --- unique, distinctive, engaging.... 

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Hey, Susie B ---

Stage presence is stage presence, and a lot of "bad boy" types have it --- the late Mr. Morrison included.  Whatever the driving force is behind their charisma, different bad boys exude different "vibes" if you will, so stage presence is not limited to good or bad, or the indifferent.  They catch our attention and draw us in. 

As far as Mr. Morrison is concerned, I liked his songs when they were fresh out on the radio in my formative years in junior high and high school, and still enjoy hearing the doors on the radio from time to time. 

But I never did "get" or "understand" why some artist(s) like him felt the need to do drugs (and I have heard about Jim's reason involving Native American beliefs which I still can't say I credit as a great reason for the use of them) and that's where the disconnect comes for me.  I liked his music, but I don't think I would have liked the person because of how he was hurting himself with the "lifestyle" he chose to lead.   Many of these talented persons come to terrible regret, and financial and medical difficulties --- or death, because of it.

Good question.


6  6

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