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Stage Presence


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I'm sure this has been discussed before, but maybe worth repeating.

Naturally the music is how most artists and groups are judged, but always thought that style of delivery or stage presence was as much a part of the the experience as the music, or at least, added to the enjoyment of it. Like an actor....the script can be great, but only certain actors can make it come alive.

There are very few groups or solo artists that have that extra something....that pizazz....that polish....to do that. No question Eric has it. I would venture to say that if you saw a silhouette of Eric, you would know who it was performing.

Who else do you think has stage presence?

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I sat for quite a few minutes and I have to say that of all the performers I have seen live- very few have that "magic" on stage.

Eric, Mick Jagger, and Elton John are the only ones I can think of that I have actually seen on stage. Freddie Mercury surely did have it, but I was never able to see him perform ... what a shame. I forgot Bruce!!! I saw him back when he was touring after Born In The USA and he was fantastic!

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I saw Neil Diamond in 1971 when I was 12 years old, and was amazed at his showmanship, but I've never seen anyone work a crowd or a stage like Bruce Springsteen. It didn't matter if it was 1977, the 1980's the 1990's or the 2000's, he's far and away the greatest live performer I've ever seen.

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While I suspect many on this board don't care for his music (or aren't familiar with it), nobody I've ever seen absolutely mesmerizes a crowd live like Iggy Pop....it's impossible to take your eyes off him when he's on stage, and believe me, it's gotta be stage presence or charisma or something of that nature (perhaps the geek show appeal, although he doesn't do too much wild anymore, being in his early 60s), because his musical skills are clearly limited...

BTW, Spin Magazine named The Stooges, even at their advanced years, as the #2 live band on the planet a couple of years ago, behind U2.

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Many obvious ones have been mentioned already.

Springsteen is a clinic on stage presence, like his music or not. His band albeit incredible, don't afford him the opportunity to change lead vocals, he takes lead for 3 plus hours alone, and it's like a religious revival.

My wifes only complaint is that not unlike Dylan, the song catalogue is so deep, that the setlist changes so much.. she wants to hear wall to wall greatest hits.

An example of the opposite I'm told.. my sister in law is a huge George Strait fan, but says it's not an incredible performance, one man in levis just standing in front of a mike. Sounds good, but..

On the other hand, I think you'd have to say Garth Brooks has presence and puts on a show, just saw hime live on tv over the weekend, he's still got it if you like his music.

Brian Setzer Orchestra live is quite a show.

A Billy Joel concert is far from a piano bar crooner performance..

Back during the Thriller era, Michael Jackson had few stage equals.

And of course.. Macca

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This is a real good thread...

1. Lonesome Dave Peverett

2. Elton John (before wig and weight)

...both these guys could turn on a crowd.

3. Sissel (though my maleness might cause me to be a little biased here) - not a huge fan of her music but love to watch her perform on public TV.

4. Ted Kennedy & Jesse Jackson - I'm not a fan of either but these 2 probably gave the best/most energized speeches I've ever seen - Kennedy at the 1980 Democratic Convention and Jesse Jackson at the 1984 Democratic Convention.

5. Louis Armstrong - was a power plant of joy on stage.

6. Fredrick Douglas - he lived before video but if you look at photos of him, his charisma was obvious. And I bet he could sure command an audience when he spoke.

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...and one more:

T.D. Jakes - he's a Christian preacher that I've only seen 5-10 times on TV, and had never heard of him until about 6 months ago. I've never seen a preacher that really got thru to me, but this guy is really good. He's a ball of fire AND makes sense.

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