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Madonna, Mellencamp & Raspberries?

Matthew C. Clark

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OMG...it's that time of the year already??

We (pop/rock) music fans are getting dangerously close to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame turning into anything BUT Rock & Roll.

Madonna - pioneer in her field of club dance music, sold multi-millions of units, invented the trashy-slut for the 80's (after being one herself), is now a children's book author, and a mother who won't let her own child watch TV because of the 'garbage' she ironically helped create. YES...but I WANT to say NO.

Beastie Boys - again, pioneers for their genre - metal guitars mixed with jap-rap. A couple of hits...one that will live forever. But is it ROCK & ROLL? BARELY a YES.

Chic - oh for God's sake. Nile and Bernie should get awards for their production. Their JAZZ/FUNK group with a couple of hits is NOT rock & roll. NO

Leonard Cohen - I don't want to come off as ignorant, but I have no idea what he ever did as a songwriter. He may have touched a bunch of people in the folk industry, but he didn't touch me. NO

Dave Clark Five - this is a POLITICAL move because of the controversy from last year's voting scandal. Based on the amount of hits and units sold, and especially their sound, I say... YES!

John Melonhead - I was never a fan, but I recognize his library of radio staples in several cross formats, his staying power and his musical style...which is R-O-C-K in the (mid-western) U-S-A. YES

The Ventures - tough call. Definitely the best at instrumental ROCK, which is pretty much left terrestrial radio. Almost THREE dozen chart hits - but only "Hawaii Five O" and "Walk, Don't Run" stand out. They're still playing together into their 70's on cruise ships. For that... YES!

Donna Summer - DISCO IS NOT ROCK, no matter how hot & sexy one appears to be. NO.

And the "Patti Smith Award Goes To": Afri-wha? Bombasticah? Battlestah Gallacticah? WTF? Again, I did not grow up in a major market, but I have NEVER heard of this person after living in a medium sized city for 20+ years and only a 5 hour drive from NYC.

Rap is NOT Rock & Roll, damn it. Is it a skill & talent to mix with turntables? Sure. But does he deserve in on his FIRST year of eligibility? For the love of God...vote in The Hollies or Raspberries or Badinger or KISS before this guy. NO NO NO!!!!

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The scariest thing about this is - 5 of these artists will be inducted. (IMO, The DC5, The Ventures and maybe Madonna are the only ones listed here who even deserve consideration...but I can't say I'm surprised...) At least, the DC5 are probably a mortal lock this time, in light of the news/rumors about their having been voted in but tossed out at the last second by Wenner last year.

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One thing everyone should remember...Cleveland hosts the Hall, but gets absolutely NO SAY in who is nominated or who gets in. Sure, the Plain Dealer asks us every year to put in our two cents as to who we THINK should and shouldn't get in, but that and a couple of dollars will get us a coffee (except at Starbucks).

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I just don't like much of his music...I don't think he had that many great songs...I consider him a poor man's Springsteen. Of course I would not have voted for at least half of the members of The R&R HOF.It's all subjective...I'm just not a fan. [That said he has a few songs I like ...'Cherry Bomb', 'Authority Song' and R.O.C.K In The U.S.A']

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