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HOF Set List


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OK...Here's some inside info: The band was given 60 minutes to play. When Will Lee was confirmed to sit in with the band I asked the Rock Hall if we could increase the set to about 75 minutes, which they agreed to do. One thing about the events that I was a part of during the week - because most of the events featured multiple acts, it was a big deal to the folks at The Rock Hall that every act be on time with their scheduled sound checks, arrivals, showtimes, etc. I thought this was quite funny, being as this is ROCK AND ROLL for God's sake, and is usually not bound by stringent time guidelines. The band came on 15 minutes later than scheduled, at about 9:45, and played until about 11pm. A very senior exec at the Rock Hall was overheard saying as we arrived to the stage to begin the set "They can play as long as they want."

Set List:

Play On
I'm A Rocker
It's Cold Outside
I Wanna Be With You
Let's Pretend
Overnight Sensation
Party's Over
All By Myself
I Don't Know What I Want
Go All The Way


Ticket To Ride
Baby's In Black
No Reply
I Can't Explain

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