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Mega RARE Video File!


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That was good timing- just logged in and, BINGO- new video file :lol: What a great reminder of just how much talent these 4 possess to be able to make this song just soar *live* all by themselves. Thanks, Bernie- you always have the BEST stuff! Kirk.

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As Dick Enberg would say, "Ohhh, my!" Awesome --- a TV spot I've never seen.

Eric did a great job with those tough notes, and really nailed it live. To me, the backup vocals sound like a taped track, but I could be wrong. Man, what a great find; how did you excavate this little slice of power-pop heaven?

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I saw it back in the day and absolutely perfect it WAS! How exciting to see it as if it's actually happening right now!!!


Seeing and hearing the Eric/Wally vocal magic as it actually happened gives me goosebumps--no, RAZZbumps!!!! What a miracle!

Again, THANKS!!!

:) --Darlene

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