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Hypothetical Question

HT from Mo

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I think Wally as somewhat of the antagonist would be a juicy role. Not being the MAIN character could lend itself to an interesting part for an actor. Sort of Salieri to EC's Mozart.

I think Wally as less-recognized genius, filled with angst as a young man...and mellowing with wisdom as an older man is a great role.


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austinberries said:

i'd be the webmaster so i could delete hypothetical questions about which Raspberry i would want to play in a movie! :lol:


You know austinberries.... we ask every other kind of question here regarding the band why not this? You're just jealous that you didn't think of it. I personally don't think it's funny and you really didn't answer the question.

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No, I just have to worry about keeping all those expensive guitars in tune and shinny. It is really a blast and I feel so lucky to have the honor to work with Wally for almost 40 years. Yep, this summer will be 40 years since I first started tunning that Flying V. Working with Eric, Dave, Wally and Jim and the dubs is really a lot of fun. Yes, hard work a usual show day is at a minimum 12 hours long from load in to load out without much of a break (there is always something to do) But I wouldn't trade the time with anyone.

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Wow! Good question. I love them all. When I met Jim he was so wonderful to me and we spoke for a couple of minutes, and I absolutely love the picture I have of me and him.

But if I could step out of my shoes for one day, i'd like to see what it would be like to be Eric Carmen.

Damn, this is such a hard question. :huh:

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