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A Cool Touring Partner

Brian Mc Carthy

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Tim From Wisconsin said:

Survivor would give me lots of opportunity to have a couple of beers and talk to people in the hallway.

I'll take the same opener they had the last show in Cleveland - No One! :) 2 long kick-ass sets of music with an intermission was perfect!

Tim..you are truly a wise man. Best opening for Raspberries would be a few adult beverages and Bernie's quick-edited video intro!


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my vote goes to the rembrandts,that is if there still together..but yeah,lets hope our raspberries will do it again no. 1 !!..i agree with tim..that kicked ass the last cleveland show..and class all the way..the venue,fans,sound,show,and the intermission was really a surprise..very cool actually..lol,chris

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