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Rock Hall Set To Rock!


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This is awesome news!! Just think how many new fans they will have after they play at the rock hall. They will blow them away even if we are not there. I can't help but hope that this might lead to something good in the future for us. They are a talent you just can't keep down. I am so happy for you guys, you deserve it.

My hats off to Billy... Way to go Billy, sounds like a great gig. Enjoy

Love June LuvLove

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Hey Kirk, My intention was to play with all three bands, Gary Lewis, Herman's Hermits AND the Raspberries. When Peter Noone called me with the job offer,, he said I can do this part time and still work with Gary Lewis if I want. Well, I though,, perfect situation,,, since Gary Lewis's dates were pretty much part time these last 10 years or so,, I can turn this into a full time situation. I also thought of the Raspberries as well,, being that their dates are few and far between. My thinking was that it would all work out with a little juggling!! When I presented this idea to Gary Lewis,, he basiclly told me he was unhappy about it. Even thou Gary's dates are very part time {20 to 40 dates a year}, he still wants his band members to keep their schedules open, even if the dates come in or not. This is my profession and I can't work that way. I wanted to avoid alot of tention between us so I decided to make a clean break and hand in my resignation w Gary after 23 years. Peter then offered me the position full time. I sent an e-mail to all the Raspberries, Overdubs and Al explaining my situation. I told them that my availability would be slimmer than before but I will always try to make it happen to play with the Raspberries if the occasion arises. I'm gonna try to play with both bands.

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