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The Place to Be (If You Can't Get to the Show)


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This is where a bunch of us will be - posting and having a Raspberries fest while the rest of you are all rocking out and having the times of your lives......

I'm not sure what time we are going to start our Berry discussions or topics of interest, but I sure hope the rest of us poor souls who have to miss the show come on in and let it all hang out in here tonight lol!

P.S. Eric, Wally, Dave & Jim - have a great show - get those people off their asses in the seats and rock the theater down!!!! Love ya all.

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Since everyone should be heading off soon to dinner before the show, I thought I'd post some topics for those of us who are stuck on the board with no show to go to (SOBBING HEAVILY) lol.......Choose one - choose many and discuss.....

1) Most overlooked Rasberries song on any album - and your reasoning for choosing it

2) Favorite Live (taped) vintage performance on a VHS or DVD from the 1970's - please include the show title and the song.....

3) Favorite 2004/05 Tour performance (either seeing it live, or ahem.... listened to it from another source lol)..........

4) Best Live Performance EVER - for the entire show............

5) Least favorite song (this may include covers and/or solo material from any of the guys)......

6) If you could have any performer (dead or alive) on stage with the Berries - who would it be, and what song would you choose them to jam to????

Ok people - talk amongst yourselves and start posting lol............... We have lots of hours to kill here lol

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Well, you have finally come to that painstaking realization...Congrats...Knowing your a "LEWSER" is half the battle...You can correct that by the end of this evening...Stay off the board till, at least, 1 A.M. Eastern USA time and then your account will be restored in the "Lew's book of Cooleness"...(There are not many people in there)...

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#2) Flipside - Go All the Way/Tonight performance - even though it was in the studio - the exhuberance of Wally's playing, Eric's superb vocals, Dave's looks to Jim while playing.... Jim's Drumming during Tonight - it's what put it all together for me to love this band and have to see them live.

Jay52 reporting from the State Theater at 7:30 - "the place is PACKED" .....

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