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Bands that Toured with Raspberries


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I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this, or if I should have posted this message in the "Cruising Music" board.

I was wondering if anybody had a list of bands that toured with or opened for The Raspberries in the 70's?

Thanks for your time.

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hollies65 said:

I have a ticket from the Hollies-Danny O'Keefe show from the Bottomline show that Springsteen attended and told the Hollies he loved their version of 'Sandy'

Terry Sylvester still plays 'Sandy' at his solo acoustic shows, and tells the 'Boss at The Bottom Line' story every time. He said Bruce was very grateful for Allan Clarke picking that song for The Hollies to cover, right before he broke the big time. It helped his confidence.

Hmmmm...that would be a great festival line-up:

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

The Raspberries

Badfinger's Joey Molland

ex-Hollies Terry Sylvester

I'm sure Bob Allen would be 'fashionably late' and catch the last three acts. :lol:

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Yes, I remember a big show at the University of Birmingham with Beach Boys, Billy Preston, and many other major acts. The stage was in the middle of the stadium about 60 feet above the ground. Three levels of staging areas for equipment to be raised by forklift to the main stage. Highlight of the load-in was seeing Billy Preston's white grand piano roll of the stage and drop 60 feet to the ground. An hour later, another white grand piano is delivered to the site.

In Boston at Paul's Mall, a showcase for the radio industry with Skylark. A very impressive group from Canada. They had a hit with Wildflower.I remember those shows (2 nights) because on our breaks we went outside and the sidewalks and streets were always wet. Couldn't figure out when it rained, found out that the city washed down the streets and sidewalks every night around midnight. Ah, to be young and naive would not necessarily be a bad thing.

Maybe one of my favorites was right in Cleveland where we played an outdoor show at Edgewater Park with many local and national acts for the push to have 18 year olds register to vote. And one show in Youngstown, Ohio where we opened a new amusement park and there was this new start up band very early in the venue (2nd or 3rd act) in a venue of 6 or so (we were the headliner) that went by the name "The Eagles". I think they ended up doing pretty good in the music business.

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wow, these are great to read thru, would've never guessed some of the pairings: skylark/'wildflower' (great tune!- always thought of them as a soul band, maybe not-canadian?). the billy preston piano story is insane, i've seen him 2x here in austin - RIP billy..

keep the list coming, c'mon eric, give us some lesser ones too ;-)

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