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The First Four Albums...Prove Me Wrong


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I share similar thoughts with John O in terms of the focus being too "poppy" in terms of comparisons. Also I do think there are many dogs actually on the earliest Beatles, Stones, and Beach Boys albums which are obscured sometimes by the pure brillance of the hits. I think the Beatles, Stones, and Beach Boys actually created their best when they became a little edgier and let their talents, musically and lyrically, take free range.

I totally agree with the Byrds and the Eagles. But harder rock acts such as Led Zeppelin, the Clash, and Aerosmith shouldnt be ignored. Elton John certainly deserves at least an honorable mention.

I had steered a friend of mine a handful of years ago to the Raspberries four and he was simply blown away. He knew Go All the Way but little else. And this was a person with a wide range of musical tastes who liked anything from Nirvana to Brahams. To the point of Marvins thread, he remarked that he felt these four in a row stood up with the best in pop rock and couldnt understand the lack of recognition for this.

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