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Your Favorite Lines in Raspberries/Eric Songs


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I don't listen to much of what I used to, a lot of it seems a period piece. Eric Carmen songs, though, never date.  Age just brings new meaning to lines like "if we were older, we wouldn't have to worry tonight".

Everyone around me had a terrible year. So many people I've been so worried about. Extraordinary circumstances. This winter I had anxiety so severe I could hardly breathe. Crippling. Prescription meds could not stop the freight train. It sounds stupid but what got me through this spring (and my sister's liver transplant, among other things) was delivery of the Essential EC. Music so complex and involving, I found myself closing my eyes and being still. Just actively listening. Songs that didn't register with me before are now new favorites.

There are few songwriters and vocalists to rival Eric Carmen. Right now, I can't think of any. Thanks for the music, Eric. You were and are magnificent, a wonder.

And I have to say, your voice has only gotten better. It has a lovely patina to it. Would love to hear more, especially unplugged versions of anything. For starters, I'm Through With Love. I'm not the only one asking why that was left off the Essential! 

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I think the reason that only one song from the Geffen album was used is that Sony doesn't own the masters. Arista (my four solo albums) and RCA (Dirty Dancing) and Epic ("Get The Message") are all part of Sony, now. The Capitol recordings (Raspberries) and the Geffen album are not, and therefore, those tracks have to be licensed for inclusion, and Capitol and Geffen would receive a good percentage of the income from those recordings.

The other problem is that Mark Wilder had complete autonomy when it came to converting the original Arista, RCA and Epic two-track, flat masters to digital. With the Capitol and Geffen stuff, he had to work with whatever they gave us, and those masters may have been converted to digital years ago, by someone much less talented than Mark, and at a time when the technology available today didn't exist. They also probably didn't care as much about the outcome of the transfers.

We did switch a few things around for the upcoming Japanese release of "The Essential." Tim took some flack from a few writers for not including "I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips" on the American "Essential," and the Japanese label was adamant about the inclusion of "Foolin' Myself," so we juggled some things around and both of those songs are included on the Japanese release. It's also apparently a "must" to include some bonus tracks for the Japanese audience, so my original demo of "LongLive Rock 'n Roll" as well as a smoking' hot version of "The Rock Stops Here" and the "alt mix" of "Brand New Year" that we released on vinyl for Record Store Day are also included. My version of "Almost Paradise" from the "Winter Dreams" CD will also probably be there (Japanese label REALLY wanted "Almost Paradise")! And, of course, these have all been remastered brilliantly by Mark Wilder.

But, fear not, my American friends. Last week Tim Smith sent me live versions of "Go All The Way" and "Slow Down" , both taken from the same 1976 show at The Bottom Line that produced the "live versions" of "Starting Over" and "That's Rock 'n Roll" that appear on "The Essential" and the performance of "Go All The Way" completely blew me away.

And that's before Mark Wilder gets to work his magic on them! I have also been sending Tim tapes that I've unearthed from the "Boats" sessions that should be very interesting, some of which could become bonus tracks for a complete box set" somewhere in the not too distant future. 

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I bought the Geffen album late, some months after it had been released.  It had been 5 years since "Tonight Your Mine" and I had kinda quit following music so close as I had in the 70s and early 80s, so I did not even know it had been released.

I remember listening the first time and hearing "I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips" and recognizing the song as I had heard it on the radio.  What's weird is that when I'd heard it on the radio I had not recognized it as an Eric Carmen song.  It was so different.  But once I listened close I loved it.  If you like catchy melodies (I love catchy melodies), the song is a brilliant pop song.   I wish it had been on the American Essential. 

"Foolin Myself" was a big omission too as this is a very powerful song that needs to be on any Best Of Eric Carmen collection, IMHO.  The other 2 that stand out for me were "If You Change Your Mind" and "No Hard Feelings".  Ouch!!..


P.S.  The Japanese have very advanced taste in music and a lot of other stuff.  It makes sense they are Eric Carmen freakos.

P.P.S.  Thanks again Eric for the commentary.  I've said it before but it needs to be said again:  it's a great treat to read your take and insights on this stuff, a huge treat. 

We'e fortunate fans.


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Eric, you're killing me!  I'll need to keep a slobber rag by the computer...tantalizing tidbits appear almost daily- "Essential" with bonus tracks...boxed sets with bonus tracks...a BOOK in the works!  What a great time to be an Eric Carmen fan!!  Thanks!!! 

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Sorry, I just can't pick....I LIKE EM ALL!  Since I got the Essentials Cd, (it's in my car) so when ever I'm driving I"m blaring  Eric

as loud as I can bear it.  I know most of the lyrics now so I can sing along (another reason I crank it up so nobody can hear me singing along).  It would be like asking me which of my 2 boys is my favorite, couldn't answer that because I love them both equally!



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Gee, Cayennegirl, you find some of the best stuff to post! 

I wish I could've heard the whole song . . . very nice.  Perhaps someone somewhere could take a look at some of the unreleased items like this one and put them on an album and release them.  I don't know how complicated the logistics and credits and royalties issues would be, but it sure would be excellent to have this type of original material brought forward for the public to enjoy ! :D


6  6

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I wish I could find the entire song for you; it's beautiful.  So special and sweet.  :)

Believe Bernie and Ken Sharp used their own $ to preseve the early recordings. However E's manager at the time of the original recordings, Don Ladanyi, owns the recordings and I know there are a few.  A release would no doubt be logistically complicated. 

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My crystal ball/intuition tells me I am incorrect about some of the above statements.

Eric needs to decide if/when the incredibly stellar recordings would be released. Wouldn't that be a yummy treat? :)

Wonder if these songs might be on the "early years" releases in the future? I thought that compilation would be coming out in 2014?

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Good thread to bump LC. It's very hard to pick the best of Eric's lyrics.  When he was in his hayday and rolling off song after song of Genius lyrics they were just all so good. But every time I hear  "I Can Remember", these are the lines that stand out for me:

And in September when I first realized
That I needed you to be the other half of me
And my love long locked inside itself
Had finally been set free.....

........But the more things seem to change
The more they stay the same

And the lonely ones get lonelier
With every passing day.

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