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Your Favorite Lines in Raspberries/Eric Songs


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Cool Marlene, as always. :)

There are many beautiful choices of course which come to mind.  However, if I must choose for this topic my fav will be:

Tonight, I'll be with you
Tonight, you'll love me too, tonight
(Woh, tonight!)
Bop-om-doo-don o-mop shoop
(Woh, Tonight)
You're gonna love me, too!

;) Cayenne

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In a Raspberries tune:
"I'm gonna make you sweat 'till the sheets are wet, now don't say I didn't warn ya!"
- All Through the Night (E. Carmen/M. McBride)

In an Eric Carmen tune:
Pretty much the entire second verse of "Last Night"
"I waited for the phone to ring, and when it didn't, I turned on the Carson show.
I lit another cigarette and dialed your number, but there was no one at home."


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I used this one as a subhead for a photo album I made my daughter on her birthday:

"Never knew what love was about till you came and stole away my heart." It fits SO well.

As for Raspberries ... hmmmm ... I'll get back to you.

Thanks for bumping it up, Marlene. It's been a fun read. :)


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. . .  until I recently heard the CORRECT lyrics,  a very soulful pleading   "PPPlllleeeasee, Stacey, go-oh away-ay-ay-ay, It feels sooo right !!!"  (thought it meant the guy was trying to resist temptation,  :o  !!! )  in the past when I did think of something Eric Carmen/Raspberries sang.


6  6

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Reading this thread ,..what comes to mind is that Eric Carmen is a very underrated lyric writer.  So many of these lines/verses are brilliant. We so often concentrate on his melodies, and give him credit for being a genius melody writer (which he is)...but overlook the lyrics. 

Even a longtime Eric Carmen freako like me doesn't really always appreciate like I should how great his lyrics are. 

And they are pretty great.


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Eric didn't write the song, but I love the line from Hungry Eyes"..."I need you to see, this love was meant to be"....the way he sings that line makes me tingle all over :wub:

From ..."Make me lose Control"...."Take me over the edge..make me lose control" :)

From... "Let's Pretend"...." So take me now..my love can't wait"....

From..."It hurts to much".."you say you'll never leave and then your gone again "..and the way he sings "it hurts too much" at the end of the chorus :(

From.."Go all the way"....the very first line..."I never knew how complete love could be..til she kissed me and said..baby please go all the way"

From.."I want to hear it from your lips"..the whole song..WOOHOO :wub:

From.."All by Myself"...the first line.."When I was young, I never needed anyone, making love was just for fun, those days are gone"  :(

there are more, but these are my favorites...off to listen to EC :cool:

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I always chuckled at the line in "I Wanna Be With You" that goes:

If you believe in what we're doin' is right
Close your eyes and be still.

Imagine saying that in a song today? The women's movement would crucify any man trying to pull that off!!!!

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