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Your Favorite Lines in Raspberries/Eric Songs


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So many fantastic ones! I love that line from "Nowhere To Hide" and the music just takes me right to where he is at that moment! I always feel like an observer "right on the scene" when I hear that song. The music is *hauntingly beautiful.*

Anyone who can write like that needs to be writing now.

:) --Darlene

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For me it's the last verse in the song "Starting Over" and it has a very personal meaning to me. A girl in High School who I had a huge crush on (she had one on me too) that I was very extremly shy to talk to only to have myself regretting it very much to this day. If I had a chance to make one wish and I know it would come true I'd start all over with her.

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Lew Bundles said:

I suppose if one conquers WendyWorld, there may be a lifetime gift/reminder involved...The old gift that keeps on giving?...You wont be leaving with a couple of parting gifts and the home version of WW...

Ya knooooooooow Mr. LEW BUNDLES, I'm so into LEW that I had to get a tetanus shot!

And FYI: as for conquering WendyWorld...many have tried...and VERY few have succeeded! Few, few...like...FEW! VERY...extremely, like...FEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW! So - :P


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Eric has written so many great songs it's hard to choose just one. Below is but one of many. I believe this entire song is so well written and performed it is near the top of a wonderful list.

"Oh, the sun beats down
On the L.A. scene
But you can't feel the cold
When the grass looks so green"

from: Desperate Fools

Others on my fave list:

Boats Against The Current

Starting Over

Let's Pretend

Love Is All That Matters

I Was Born To Love You

To name but a few.

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Listening to Live at the Sunset strip..man you guys really got better with age..some songs got slowed down a bit but it sounds like it's playing at the right speed..problem is we all slowed down too!!

Did anyone pick up in Come around and see me..where it goes."..And if you want me to wait forever, I will"..and Wally says..'You guys did'!!

How great was that??

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One of my favorites, probably my favorite song that Eric's written for that matter, is from the second verse of If You Change Your Mind. I went through a bad break up (it was bad for me, I don't think she cared as much though) and I just kept listening to it over and over;

Well I tried so hard to be the one that you were dreaming of
But I guess it wasn't quite enough to make you fall in love
So walk away leave me by myself
And let me crawl back into my shell
And be the me that I knew so well}
Before I met you...

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But if you change your mind
Won't you take some time
And let me know that you, still want me too
Cause i'll wait night and day to hear you say
that you have changed your mind, won't you change your mind
If you should change your mind oh yeah

This song can make you cry..

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*** favorite phrase, hands down:

"Sippin' on a scotch and soda
A shadow in a corner booth
So philosophic and drunk
On grown up truth"

*** favorite one liner:

"Dreams are forever and some things you never forget"

*** Special kudos to "Love Is All That Matters".

Marvin Hamlisch's "Simplicity sells" quote about the beauty of a simple, perfectly written song (yeah, I know he was talking in monetary terms, too) never seemed more appropriate than when I think about that song

*** A slightly revised version of the bridge in

"Starting Over" that Eric sang at one of his solo shows I saw back in the '70's:

"I remember all the good times
and the bad times spent together
BUT remember all the old times
when the new times look much better."

Amazing how changing one word can change the entire meaning. Depending on my mood, I'll sing it that way on those days when the song is going through my head. Heck, that entire song is wonderful.

*** And what would a post from me on the topic of favorites be without a mention of "ICR"? All of "ICR" - the total package. (Gee, that's a shocking comment coming from me...not!) Not sure that one will ever be topped in my book by anyone. Nunh huh. No how, no way.


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