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Top Down Summer: 'Berrify & Re-Release


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Why not? It's already written. It's February, perfect time to record and distribute for release on Memorial Day. Incredible video opportunities. I picture the band playing in a boardwalk bar during the summer, Stone Pony, Flats, etc... Kind of a MMLC type of video... cutting back and forth to younger people cruising obviously in a convertable 65 mustang. Really cool would be discreet cameos of Raspberries celebrity fans.. Bon Jovi getting a beer at the bar.. Bruce walking down the boardwalk as the Mustang drives by.. Paul Stanley in the back of the crowd.. the back of Joan Jett with a white guitar slung around her back stepping off the stage in the beginning as if she was the opening act..

Hey they could show up and be gone in 2 hrs. at the shoot. In fact, creative editing, celebrities wouldn't have to even fly in.

I'm dreaming but how cool.

Raspberries and dubs could give it even more edge and harmony and updated feel. I think Eric could go nuts updating the arrangement with the talent around him and find a lining in the clouds for Wallys guitar.

Short of writing an original, why not. Pure Raspberries sound, already written, no one has heard it, radio/download/summer friendly.. fits right in with the other library of Raspberries summer/car songs..

Catchy video or movie placement.. new generations of listeners that will buy the old stuff.

Alright guys.. I'm ready, take you best shot at my .... why not?

Eric: Is the door cracked opened for consideration of a Raspberries treatment of any of your song library (some really lend themselves like That's Rock and Roll, No Hard Feelings, Top Down Summer, I Could Really Love You etc. Even ABM was greeted with unanamous praise.) or would you rather compose something new if you were ever going to record again with the guys?

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Yes Steve has a great idea...I would think both Thats Rock and Roll with a flipside of I Wanna Be With You would go down well-both with '08 takes. Given the other posts, would add Slash and Cameron Crowe to the celebrity cameos.

Does anyone know of any commercials that have used Eric or 'Berry songs...Typically in the UK, if any classic is picked up commercially, it tends to get back on the charts and sell albums.. Not sure if Eric is open to that...

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Oops two more points...

1) any 'berrification of Eric's melodies includes Jims drums too, an intergal part of THE sound just like Wally's guitar.. talk about oomph

2)I'm not saying that TDS is the best song never released I'm saying that it is a very good song that could benefit from 'berries leverage, seasonal timing, and a creative video... and it's already written increasing the chance of this fantasy actually happening. On the other side of the coin, Devil, with real drums, would be an incredible solo release.

Why not? What's the risk.. 2-3 days of studio time? 'dubs could nail the bg's out of the shoot, and Wally and Dave could invent some fills before showing up. Summer's first hit

If I can dream......


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ok, we're close to unaminous, i'm balancing EC long time BB groupie.. I'm looking at the path of least resistance.. TDS is written, Wally and Jim, would give it balls, 'dubs harmonies would kill, and you would have Eric's vocals and melodies back on the radio in time for summer.. (probably picked up by a movie) IMHO

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