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Raspberries "Explicit"?


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Oh no...he says exactly what you think he says...what a 70's rebel huh...I have a video where he is singing that song and when he ummm sings "that word" he flickered his eyebrows at the rest of the band members. I asked him if this was because of that and he said yes...Eric said he was surprised no one had picked it up during the sound check....

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AnniekNY said:

You got it, Paulie - remember the first time you heard the song and did a double take: did he say what I think he said?! but boy, there is no other way to get that sentiment across.

Annie, those songs on Starting Over were how I got my friends actually interested in the band... they figured that guys who had the cahones to sing those (expletive) lyrics were, by default, Cool with a capital C! :lol:

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