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"Live On Sunset Strip"

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Seeing "Live On Sunset Strip" as part of the auction this past week prompted me to listen to it a lot the last couple of days. I know I'm "Preaching to the choir" here, but what an amazing 2 CD set this is! I know that we were all antsy to get it, but it was well worth the wait when it was released. Eric: You and Mark did an astounding job producing this gem! :)


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An official live cd was a missing link of the legend of Raspberries. Shame that there wasn't good enough promotion for the live cd. No in store appearances or a performance on Conan O'Brien. Talking to Eddie Trunk he said he would have loved to have played the cd and have them on his radio show but he couldn't because his radio program is a Heavy Metal show.

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Yes, I too have listened quite often recently to Live on Sunset Strip and am still impressed. I have sent the music to several people including my own daughter who have all been very much impressed. (These were copies I purchased at a record store). Consider us lucky to have seen them in waukesha and that fantastic concert at HOB Chicago! Perhaps they will make a return visit. One can only hope..... Stay dry and out of the rising creeks!


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