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Your Most Prized Raspberries Possession


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I think Kirk's postcard comes pretty close to taking the "group cake" in my book. (Big envy over that one.) Have several EC solo mementoes and tough to choose a fave. Also like Tim's comment about meeting board members.

Tangibly speaking (to paraphrase austinberries), my favorite group memento has to be my poster from the Saturday, October 13, 1973, show - signed by all on Saturday, October 13, 2007. (Yeah, I'm never going to get over that whole kismet thing, so you guys will just have to live with it. :lol: )


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Hello all!

It has to be my mint 'Fresh Raspberries album.

I saw the boys at the Highline Ballroom Sun. 10/14 and had the VIP tickets.

I waited on line from 2pm until about 3pm when they started showing up.

First Eric and Wally..I was so nervous my wife was laughing at me. I'm 50! LOL...

Anyway, I walked up to Eric and said Oh man, it's great to finally see you! He said yes, and it's great to see you too!

Anyway, i'm holding my album but it was in a yellow xray enevelope and I hadn't taken it out yet..it still had the plastic on it. So I pulled off the plastic...as we're waiting, all 12 of us...next thing you know Jim gets out of a cab .. I had my album face out this time and like a moth to a flame..Jim walks right over to me so I said "Hi Jim, does this guy look familiar? He said he sure does, do you mind if I sign it? My wife said you looked like it was Mickey Mantle signing a baseball..hahahah..

Well long story short, they all signed it for me and now it's framed with my tickets and hanging on my wall.

They are such a phenomenon. It's like there are only extreme die hard Rasberries fans and I just don't get it.

You would think they'd sell out Madison Square Garden instead of playing at these small venues.

Anyway, i've been long bitten by the Raspberries bug since 1972.

They're just in my blood, I have no explanation.

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Yeah you're right..this is the place for the die hard fans! LOL..

BTW, I was talking to Wally and Jim at the soundcheck that day, I have great pics. I'll post some on my next post...anyway, I told this story to the guys..I said I bought this album for $2.99 down in New Orleans in July 1973.

Still in the wrapper. I only took it off so they could all sign it.

They told me man...our fans lasted longer than we did!!

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Mine would be the photo(s) of Eric and me in Cleveland that Gene took on 12.14.07. My top prize possession would be the picture just a few seconds before I was to meet Eric. It is the worse pic of me, but you can see in my face how nervous I was. Thanks again Gene for capturing that "Kodak moment!!!" :)

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John P said:

My self made T-Shirt.

That shirt was great, John....you should find a way to mass produce them and sell them here.

I traded my most prized Raspberries possession a few years ago to someone on this board: It was a Raspberries Greatest Hits Album on red vinyl...who was it here....I want it back!?! :)

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