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Your Most Prized Raspberries Possession


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My possesions are somehwhat different. I took many photos next to the stage at Waukesha and they turned out really fantastic. I have even emailed some to a certain person here....(Do you know how to spell Marvin?)....Also my limitied edition CDs/DVD and my vinyl copy of the Berries 4th album...Starting Over.


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My original Raspberries albums, and the pictures from a couple of them and newspaper/magazine articles about them that my uncle and I decoupaged on wood that once hung (like a "shrine") on my apartment wall. I also have a picture with Eric from 1976 from his solo debut (which counts because he was in Raspberries)--that's it for vintage. I also recently bought a 45 of "Let's Pretend" in the original Raspberry Rollswagen/Foxiest Raspberry Contest Entry Blank sleeve, which I think is ultra cool.

My most prized "new" possession is Eric's E string that came from the Reunion tour as part of the "deluxe package." *VERY VERY VERY* outtasight cool.

:) --Darlene

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I have a performance contract from the Raspberries that was never fulfilled with contract rider attached.I was attending Kent State in 1974, and I contacted Eric about the band playing at the school. He had their manager(agent) send us a contract, but we ran out of money(beer budget used it all!!!) so we never had them play.

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Tough question...

I just got the boys to sign my Album and 8-Track Tape of their first album when I was in CA! I'm very glad that I got a limited edition "Tonight" book with all of the extras, and also a limited edition CD / DVD set of "Live on Sunset Strip"!

I have also loved meeting fellow Board member, and I look forward to meeting more of you on Friday!


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