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Your Most Prized Raspberries Possession


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Ok - this post is for the die-hards.... what is your most prized/treasured Raspberries memorabilia - and it must be vintage.......

I just acquired a 21 x 24 Capitol Promo Poster of the Fresh (aka Madame Troussau's Wax Museum album cover.... according to Eric from the radio interview last week)......... It's now framed and next to my newly framed Raspberries stuff from the NY/HOB shows..... keep on touring boys....I have 3 more walls to go lol............

I wanna hear about your stuff!

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this is really hard but I think my favorite is the mounted 8 X 10 1970's photograph of Eric playing piano that Gene Taylor gave me from his collection at the very first reunion show at HOB in Cleveland. Eric signed it for me at the meet and greet. It was such a dream come true.

Bonus: in the picture, his shirt is open. And his hair is awesome. Vintage my ass. ;)

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I don't have anything "vintage", but without a doubt my "Limited Edition" has to be my most treasured possession, not only because of what it is, but because it was given to me personally by Eric and Jim at WAB. Also the photo of Muzza and I with Eric. Something I never, even in my wildest dreams thought would ever happen.

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