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Raspberries Moments: 1972


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Over the weekend, I decided to sort through all my music magazines from the 60's through the 80's. I haven't looked at them in years. So... as I begin to revisit them, I am going to post as many articles, reviews and gossip for the time as I can.

I'm not sure what we are all in for but here is a quick blurb from the November 1972 issue of "America's Only Rock And Roll Magazine"..CREEM.

Juke Box Jury

Greg Shaw

"Things Are Getting Better"

"There's some great rock records out lately, "Go All The Way" by Raspberries(Capitol 3348) is a fantastic song, combining the Badfinger thing(and what happened to them??) with a taste of Gilbert O'Sullivan and a freshness all their own. This group, incidentally, has been recording for years as The Choir on Roulette and Intrepid and then The Quick on Epic".

A quick blurb to be sure!

Greg then writes about other records released at the time including "California Man", "Too Late To Turn Back Now", Rockin Pneumonia" and "Burnin Love".

Hopefully lots more to come as I continue. I'm hoping for some album reviews. I just can't remember how much press Raspberries received at the time within the pages of "Creem" And "Hit Parader".

I hope everyone likes what I can find!

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