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Scott McCarl At "Shake Some Action" Book Signing


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Just missed you, Jeff! Had to go to work.

Quote from Bernie:"Tell Scott that everyone loves him and speaks highly of him here at EC.com, John!"

When I introduced myself to Scott, he asked me if I was Kirk from the message board. I was a little surprised and still not too sure if he had the right guy, but then he said "You're one of the single digit members, right?" I don't think he's a regular on the message board, but he knows who all of the Scott fans are on the message board smile Kirk.

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I made a couple of trips in the book signing line (didn't want to be a hog and just park myself there). On one of the trips I showed Scott some pictures from 1998 that I took when he played Poptopia with Wally- he hasn't changed much in 10 years!

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Thanks, all. It was great to see Jeff and Kirk there, as well as other friends of mine, musicians such as Graham Elvis (of The Elvis Brothers) and Nelson Bragg (of Brian Wilson's band) and other power pop fans.

It was a most excellent day at both the book signing and the earlier radio interview - and what a treat to hear power pop classics such as The Records' "Starry Eyes" and Raspberries' "Play On" blasting on a major FM radio station in L.A.!

Both John Wicks and Scott were great to hang out with...and I must say Scott is simply one of the nicest, most genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. It really warmed my heart to have folks come up to Scott and say things such as "thanks for being such a big part of my life." Folks came, pens in hand, from a long way away to chat with him and get his signature. And he mentioned that he's been messing around with the guitar, working on some songs... :-)

I'd also like to thank everyone who's purchased a copy of "Shake Some Action" - amazingly, we're about 25 copies away from completely selling out the first print run of 1,500 in only two months.

Finally, here's something interesting/humorous - if you take a look at the photo of Scott, Kirk and I, you'll notice that Kirk (aka "sharp dressed man") is wearing a snazzy tie. I had to tell Kirk that not only did I really like his tie, but I have the exact same one in my closet!

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mannoman said:

Ladies and Gents this just goes to prove if you snooze, you lose. I just tried to buy Shake Some Action and it's SOLD OUT!

Yes, I've been told the first pressing sold out and that they are taking names of folks who want to be placed on a list to be notified when the second pressing is available (although I hear it's going to be a bit more pricey since they're doing a smaller print run on pressing number two).

I do have just a few copies left over from the book signing that I can make available to the good folks here at ec.com; if anyone wants one, just PM or email me. Cost will still be $30.00 total (for the book and the companion CD)...and I'll spring for the postage.

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Just received a email from Bruce at Not Lame. They published the Shake Some Action Power Pop book that John wrote. He is currently taking orders for a 2nd pressing limited to 200 books. It comes highly recommended!

Besides RASPBERRIES - Starting Over. Eric Carmen's 1st solo album and Scott McCarl's - Play On CD made the top 200! COOL!


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