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Scott McCarl At "Shake Some Action" Book Signing


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Scott McCarl, along with John Wicks of The Records, will be signing copies of "Shake Some Action" (which ranked the Raspberries' "Starting Over" as the best power pop album of all time) in person next Sunday, January 20. Those of you Southern California Raspberries fans who are in the vicinity of the San Fernando Valley and would like to meet Scott and get an autograph or a photo, come on down!


Pop music scribe John M. Borack will be signing copies of his new book, "Shake Some Action: The Ultimate Power Pop Guide," on Sunday, January 20 at 2:00pm at Freakbeat Records (13616 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, CA 91423). Joining Borack at the signing will be power pop titans Scott McCarl (from The Raspberries) and John Wicks (of The Records).

Books will be available for purchase at the signing, and those who have already purchased a copy are also welcome to bring it in to have it personalized. Freakbeat Records is a neighborhood record store from the days when shopping for music was fun and adventurous. Half the store is filled with new and used vinyl from all musical genres and you can listen to any used record or CD that is already open. Their selection of compact discs highlights new releases and reissues that the big box stores generally ignore.

The early reviews of "Shake Some Action" have been overwhelmingly positive:

"A terrific achievement" - powerpop.blogspot.com

"Wonderful and breezy...essential." - The Orange County Register

"A treasure....really impressive." - Adam Waltemire, Host, Pop Garden Radio - WMEL, Florida

The 200-page book is built around Borack's choices of the top 200 power pop releases of all-time (including quotes from many of the artists covered), and also includes a comprehensive essay on the history of power pop by journalist Carl Cafarelli.

In addition, there are tons of previously unpublished/rare photographs, as well as a companion CD packed with 24 power poppin' rarities from the likes of The Rubinoos (a cover of Raspberries' "Tonight"), Tommy Keene, 20/20, The Rooks, Chris von Sneidern, Scott McCarl and many others. Most all of these tunes are exclusive to SSA!

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More exciting news, just confirmed today: prior to this Sunday's book signing, Scott McCarl, John Wicks and myself have been invited to be guests on the top-rated radio program "Breakfast With the Beatles," which airs in Los Angeles on 95.5 KLOS-FM. We'll be chatting from 11:00am - 12:00 noon (PST) about the book with host Chris Carter and giving away a few copies, as well as spinning some cool Beatles tunes and listening to Scott reminisce about meeting John Lennon when Raspberries were recording in 1974. How cool is THAT?

For those of you not in the L.A. area who might like to check it out, the program will also stream live over the internet at www.955klos.com.


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blackhawkpat said:

Congrats on the book. Maybe you can ask Scott when we might hear some new music or live shows from him? I still listen to his GREAT CD "Play On" often.

Thanks, Pat. I agree, "Play On" is a fantastic effort. I imagine we'll definitely broach the subject of Scott recording or playing out again...

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Tell Scott that everyone loves him and speaks highly of him here at EC.com, John!

"Play On" was one of my top CDs the year it came out. I don't think I ever took it out of my car's CD player all summer! Just an awesome, AWESOME CD!

As for the STARTING OVER album, well, it goes without saying that Scott was a GREAT addition to the team—both as a songwriter as well as a player!

I'd love to see Scott take a turn on stage with the reunited 'Berries. Who here wouldn't want to see that? Even for ONE song! Imagine Scott at the microphone for "Play On?" Heck, while he's up there, how 'bout a verse or two of "Cry" while he's at it?



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Raspbernie said:

I'd love to see Scott take a turn on stage with the reunited 'Berries. Who here wouldn't want to see that? Even for ONE song! Imagine Scott at the microphone for "Play On?" Heck, while he's up there, how 'bout a verse or two of "Cry" while he's at it?

Bernie - I totally agree! Especially about "Cry". And while they're at it, why not a duet with Dave Smalley on "Pop Teasers"? (I just can't stop picturing the crowd joining in on the giant "YEAH!" in the bridges...that'd be a hoot.)

Plus, and I don't want to start a flame war by bringing this up, but with Paul Sidoti off stalking the big time, they're down 1 man.

I'd pay (big bucks - again) to see it, that's for sure!


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Scott is one heck of a great guy and I loved his work on "Starting Over." Loved talking to him too back in the day. Scott deserves only the very best and I'd love to see him onstage with the Berries too, as we all would. Never say "Never." Around here, ya just never know!

The music business is funny--when opportunity knocks, you just have to go or you may never get another chance. I'm thrilled for Paul! He'll be VERY VERY much missed and NO ONE will ever replace Paul nor the love we have for him. And I'm sure he'll be onstage with them again when he can.

But don't worry about the Berries. You have to remember that Pauly wasn't always an Overdub and he had to learn all the music. Raspberries will have Overdubs complete before long, trust me. Eric and the boys can afford to be VERY choosy and they won't accept anything less than the highest calibre. That's why they chose Pauly!

Everything will turn out just fine!

:) --Darlene

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Just got back from Freakbeat records. There are a lot of people there and the book signing is going well! Ken Sharp was there, David Bash (IPO), John Wicks (The Records), Scott McCarl and, of course, Popdude. Scott sounds like he has at least one more record in him- he talked about how tough it is these days to get one done, but he's working on some stuff! I took a few pictures. I'll try and download them tonight after work- I'm leaving for work as I type this. Kirk.

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