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Raspberries Rankings: Your Top 10


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  • 2 weeks later...

I know this is unscientific, and a crude way to do it, and an incredibly small sampling (38 replies), and that yes, we probably could have just used the "Poll" feature, but, for what it's worth, here’s the ranking of Raspberries songs per this thread. The totals are based on #1 picks getting 10 points; #2 picks getting 9; and so on, down to #10 picks getting 1 point….) Like I said, for what it’s worth….

229.0--Go All the Way (31 votes)

190.5--I Wanna Be With You (29)

181.5--Let's Pretend (29)

171.0--Tonight (27)

167.5--I Can Remember (26)

166.5--Overnight Sensation (27)

138.5--Ecstacy (27)

130.5--If You Change Your Mind (20)

69.0--Don't Wanna Say Goodbye (13)

68.0--Nobody Knows (21)

63.0--Starting Over (13)

60.0--Play On (12)

58.0--Should I Wait (16)

52.5--I'm a Rocker (9)

47.0--I Don't Know What I Want (9)

43.5--I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine (12)

39.0--On the Beach (10)

27.0--All Through the Night (5)

19.0--Come Around and See Me (3)

19.0--Hard to Get Over a Heartbreak (5)

15.0--Last Dance (5)

15.0--Party's Over (4)

14.0--Cruisin' Music (4)

14.0--Every Way I Can

13.5--Making It Easy (4)

12.0--I Saw the Light (3)

12.0--Might As Well (2)

12.0--Waiting (3)

11.0--Cry (4)

7.0--Get It Movin' (1)

6.5--Drivin' Around (2)

6.0--I Reach for the Light (1)

5.0--It Seemed So Easy (1)

1.0--Hands on You (1)

1.0--Money Down (1)

1.0--Rock'n'Roll Mama (1)

If ranked by just the number of times a song showed up on a list, regardless of their position, this is the top 10:

Go All the Way (31)

I Wanna Be With You (29)

Let’s Pretend (29)

Overnight Sensation (27)

Tonight (27)

Ecstacy (27)

I Can Remember (26)

Nobody Knows (21)

If You Change Your Mind (20)

Should I Wait (16)

PS: Only songs not cited in any of the 28 responses: "With You In My Life," "Goin' Nowhere Tonight," "Rose-Coloured Glasses."

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