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'Fly On the Wall'


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Bringing the induction back to Cleveland is justice, as this is where the hall is located. Having Raspberries play the VIP show is pure class and vindication to a great rock and roll city. The night's yours, enjoy, rock out and keep in mind that all of your fans are with you in spirit. Let them see what we already know, Cleveland and Cleavelanders ROCK!!!

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Well, right about now, I bet the boys are tearin' it up. I'm feelin' the vibe, all the way over in New England.... "You looked too young to know about ro-o-o-mance, oh yes you did/But when you smiled I had to take a chance, I had to take a chance... and be with you to-ni-yi-iiiiight, I'll be with you toniiiight...." And I bet Wally is making tons of new fans among the guests who will suddenly be putting him on their "All Time Best Guitarists" lists.

Where's that live feed, Bernie?

Can't wait to hear the first reports....

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Oh, man, I almost quoted that song instead of "Tonight." I was thinking about my friend BeatleJay, and how he'd have the belly-up-to-the-stage gang rockin'....

What else do you have for a set list, Marvin?

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