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'Fly On the Wall'


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Eric, how about providing us, the fans who won't be able to attend the HoF show, with the ultimate 'fly on the wall' experience: When time permits, could you give us details as to how the rehearsals are going, what songs the band is working on, and any other aspects of the planning for the show?

Most of us are not likely to hear anything about this show until it's done, so allowing us to live vicariously through your eyes, would be something that I think many fans would love.

Thanks in advance.

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Things are going well. The "new" Paul is a very, very good sax player, who also plays keyboards and sings. He's got a good stage vibe and he's a really nice guy. He was suggested to us by Paul Sidoti.

He's playing some sax on "Overnight Sensation" and it sounds great. He's also doing a sax solo during "I'm A Rocker."

I extended an invitation to Will Lee to join us for a couple of Beatle songs if he has a chance. He emailed back saying he thought that sounded like FUN!

I don't know if he'll be able to make it, but we're ready for him if he does.

Wally quit smoking about six months ago and his voice sounds like it did when he was 21.

Dave is playing great and Jim is always rock solid.

Billy is terrific, as usual, and I've decided Jen may just be the funniest human being alive. She absolutely had me in stitches yesterday.

That's tonight's update. It's bedtime for me.

I'm off to the gym tomorrow.


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I've heard Springsteen is going to be in Cleveland this weekend. I''ve heard that from inside sources at the Rock Hall. Hmmmmm. I'm going to be a talent escort [Glorified go-fer] at The Induction Ceremony Saturday.I will be assigned a inductee or presenter. I am fully confident that late Friday night a bunch of those inductee's and presenters will be saying..."Holy shit! That's a hell of a band!".

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I hope the new Paul and the rest of the band have a wonderful time playing Friday night... I hope we can hear something by you all that night - maybe a snippet from the last rehearsal??? (hint hint).... or a future live performance that we can attend??

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Don't know for sure who will be in attendance for the Friday Raspberries show, but nevertheless those who will be there and who aren't familiar with the band, will be left shaking their heads wondering, "How did we miss out on this band?"

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This is such a great development.... I'll always believe, of course, that Raspberries are HOF-worthy for their impact and influence on power-pop. So getting the band up there to shine in front of a Rock HOF-heavy audience... it's huge.

Maybe it'll lead to a record deal! A new Raspberries studio recording! Jimmy Ienner co-producing! Maybe that's just a pipe dream, but... I also went around three decades (like most of you) figuring I'd never see a Raspberries reunion on stage.

Good luck, 'berries, and enjoy it, fans lucky enough to be there!

Any idea about how many songs will be in the set?

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