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"I Wanna Be With You"


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A blast from the past.... I was watching a Badfinger video, and a teaser for this came up on the side. I only vaguely remember seeing this 1972-ish video of "I Wanna Be With You," though I'm certain it's been posted here before. Well, it's always worth a few minutes, isn't it? Even with the rough vid quality....

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Of all the Raspberries videos on the web, I think this is the most representative of the band at the height of it's superpowers. Eric's vocals could not have been better; the background vocals (the oohs and aahs) were incredible; and the 'dueling guitars' (the way Eric and Wally seemed to be switching leads and rhythm parts) were awesome; the rhythm section was outstanding. Listen to Dave's little base run at the 2:23 mark. Who ever mixed this performance should have received a bonus that night. Hands down my favorite Raspberries video. I think it sounds better than the studio version.

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I just attempted to watch the Let's Pretend video. Great great video, except that with my system it stopped every few seconds throughout. I don't usually get that kind of thing with Youtube so this one must be more dense with info. I may need to buy the super turbo charged cable over the cable I have?

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LC said:

And... I just noticed from Bernie's excellent ETV section that this was from Burt Sugarman's Midnight Special, 2/27/73.

Also performed for the show, "Let's Pretend"

Don't mean to take things too off-topic, but:

1) In My Life

2) God Only Knows

3) Let's Pretend

That performance cements it--Let's Pretend is one of the best pop songs of all time.

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