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Raspberries Remasters


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Does anybody own the Japanese remastered Raspberries CDs?

I have the four original albums on CD in the form of the two-fers from R.P.M. called Power Pop Vols. 1 & 2. The sound is just OK—much better than my worn vinyl, but still muddy and over-compressed. I haven't pulled out the vinyl in many years, but now that I think about it, these CDs may even be a little worse in the fidelity department in some ways. Way too midrangey.

I realize that Jimmy Ienner was just getting his feet wet in the recording biz and that it made for less than crystal clear recordings, but I was wondering if the Japanese Remasters sound any better or different.

Please chime in!

(I'm posting a similar query regarding the Japanese Remasters of Eric's Solo albums on the 'That's Rock 'N' Roll' message board.)

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The Japanese issues do have a cleaner more open sound. Over the years, I've picked up many of the best-of's including the R.P.M's and you're right...they are just okay. The Capitol best of's never sounded good to my ears, very noisey.

"Starting Over"...clean sound and its nice to hear "Starting Over" the song, without the distortion. "Overnight Sensation" is the regular album version minus Wally's play out as heard in the alternate mix. It does include a smaller version of the original fold out poster that I remember quite well hanging on my bedroom wall back at home.

"Side 3"...It explodes right from the start just the way I remember hearing it for the first time on vinyl. It's also bit quieter in spots, noticeable on Eric's 1-2-3-4 intro to "Tonight" (low hiss) and "On The Beach". The inner cd sleeve has the same pics as the original album sleeve had.

"Fresh"..."I Wanna Be With You" is such a classic opening song and it sets the tone for the rest of the disc...the quality is clean and crisp.

"Every Way I Can" sounds terrific.

"Raspberries"..."Waiting" is beautiful. You can imagine how improved "I Can Remember" sounds.

Eric has commented many times he never felt there was much bottom on their records. These 4 imports give a little more.

All come with Japanese/American lyrics and are cased in beautiful cardboard. Its almost as good as holding and staring at the vinyl covers for hours on end.

I believe they are still availiable at Amazon though I got mine locally for about $20 each.

Well worth it and makes the others ready for filing.

By the way..there are no credits to anyone in the prep of these issues and that may make one wonder if any new work was done at all.

The improved sound quality is very noticeable to my ears only because I have most of the other more inferior releases.

Still though...nothing beats Capitol's "Raspberries Best Featuring Eric Carmen"...now that baby rocked!

Good luck!

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