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My Raspberries Home Away From Home!

Tim From Wisconsin

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I know that there are a lot of you that have an astounding amount of posts on this message board, but for me it's hard to believe that the start of this thread will be my 1,000th post! :blink:

I had been periodically peeking in on this site over the last 10+ years, and finally decided to jump in about 4 years ago when the reunion was beginning to happen. I thought I would post a couple of things here and there and be done with it, but here I am on the first full day of Autumn 2008 typing my 1,000th post - Wow!

I have really enjoyed getting to know a bunch of you through this board, and I've been fortunate to spend some time in person with some of you. There are countless personalities here in this big dysfunctional "family" - Lead by our our friend Bernie. We all share the same love of Eric / Raspberries, and I am confident that I will see some of you again someday. It might be at another gig (finger's crossed), or it could be at our own fan gathering (maybe WAB VI?).

In any event, I'm not going anywhere, I just thought I would "Wax Poetic" for a couple of minutes. So... Eric / Raspberries rule! Ozzy rules! and of course Bernie rules!! :)


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When I reached my 1000th I posted (with Bernie's help- actually HE posted it--I can't post anything very well...) a photo of Eric posing graciously with me from 1976.

Now that you've reached your 1000th, you should post a photo of yourself.

Now, on to the next 1000 posts for you!

:) --Love, D

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