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Ed, I don't know if anyone has any scoop on the show, but after looking through some of the past seasons news on the internet, it looks like AI usually waits until they're down to the last five or six contestants to feature one artists work for the night. I haven't seen anything saying who it will be this season.

Have they featured a group's music in the past, or just solo works? I haven't seen enough shows to really know. As far as AI going with Raspberries, most of the hit songs are more dynamic for the harmonies rather than for the solo part. Giving an AI contestant an alternate arrangement to show off a soloist would be risky. It would also make them a target for some pretty harsh criticism from Raspberries fans (and Simon) if they didn't pull it off.

Eric hasn't had as many top 40 and top-10 songs as some of the other artists who have been featured, but the other artists also had something brewing at the time they were on. Barry Manilow was getting ready to release his 50's music collection and Rod Stewart was out with "As Time Goes By - The American Songbook". Sort of see a theme? I think to get AI interested in Eric, he would need to break out a new solo CD to get him picked up on Simon's radar. Maybe it's time for the Severance Hall concert - maybe record it for a big smash live CD release. What do you think?

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