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Overnight Sensation: The Story of the Raspberries


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I just received my copy of OVERNIGHT SENSATION: THE STORY OF THE RASPBERRIES by Ken Sharp and I'm so excited! It's (raspberry) JAMMED full of cool pics, photos, info and even sheet music! I wanted to post this and let you know how happy I am (what can I say, the Raspberries make me happy!) and I am now going to go sit down and check out the book properly! lol

I'm very honored to have this book in my library!

I know I sound like a geek, but music is in my blood and I'm very passionate about the bands I love! :cool:heartpump

I can't wait to order more from Raspberries online! heartpump


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it's funny, i felt let down when i got it (but felt ecstatic way leading up to my discovery of it), mainly because it's basically in a 'scrapbook' format. don't get me wrong, its great that it got out there, but its hodge-podge format isn't necessarily for all lovers of music literature. of course when you dig a band as much as the 'berries, it's good to have anything on them to dive into

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I don't have the book here...but it's in there...and is the only place where I've read the real deal...They were on tour when Rickfors was lead vocalist for The Hollies...and as Wally says in the book "The Hollies just didn't sound like The Hollies". Apparently the Hollies were being upstaged.

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The book is amazing....It even contains a copy of the very first Raspberries article I ever read!! I also love the selections of sheet music. Back in the day I could go to my local music store and find the sheet music for the latest songs. Pretty cool to see Tonight and Overnight Sensation in the book. It's a great compilation of interviews, articles, pics and well..yes....some text does require the magnifying glass. lol For me, it's the big, heavy duty coke bottle/thick magnifying glass!!! These days I can't see much without the ole contacts or glasses......BUMP!!! oopS! ;)

Sue...aka Mr. Magoo

I'm very much looking forward to the new edition MM, too. :)

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Hi Sue! It IS an amazing book. I bought it as soon as I found out there was such an animal. Then I got to meet Ken Sharp when Eric played with Ringo's tour at the State Theatre in New Brunswick, NJ.

It was after the concert and I was standing in a long line of people who were hoping to get in and see Eric (they were ALL Eric Carmen or Raspberries fans. I guess we all thought seeing Ringo would be a great "extra," but we wanted to see Eric first!) I saw two guys with badges that said "Backstage Pass" on their shirts who just walked past all the people and got in.

I said to my husband, "Who are THOSE guys? They had backstage passes!" So when they were on their way out, I stopped one and asked, "Where did you get the passes?" He answered, "From Eric." I asked his name and he said "Bernie Hogya." At which point I flung myself into his arms (his wife was there!) and exclaimed, "Oh, RASPBERNIE!!!!! I'm actually meeting Raspbernie! Did you come in from California?" He said, "No, I just drove over from Sayreville." I was amazed and answered, "SAYREVILLE?!" Then he said, "And THIS is Ken Sharp!" At which point I flung myself into HIS arms and said, "I have your book OVERNIGHT SENSATION and I LOVE it!!!"

So we met both of them and their wives and it was a pretty historic night for me even though I never did get in to see Eric or Ringo. That would happen another night. As you can see, we're ALL fanatics!

:) --Darlene

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hey all—my first post, on a slow end of Friday work day—i designed the book for Ken, tho it's not that great a design sadly, and it was sooo awesome when we met up and he gave me some HUGE boxes of all kinds Raspberries and related articles, magazine, et al—i think i saw something about him doing a book, maybe in the old Goldmine magazine, and we ended up talking on the phone for a long time, and i volunteered to put it together—as a lifelong designer, i was working in a company that had a darkroom where i made hundreds and hundreds of photo stats of all the stuff Ken had collected, almost even lost my job doing much of it in work hours, but it was a mega project, and still a fun memory for me—we went to Cleveland the DAY after Christmas the year it came out, and presented it to Eric, Jim, Wally and Mike, and did some other stuff, a radio interview with Ken, that i might've said one word on, but it was a BLAST to meet the guys, show them the book, since at that time, there was ZERO stuff out there about them, so this was like the first part of the upcoming higher visibility of the band—Jim hosted us and i have nice memories of talking with him about his ham radio setup, and just chatting about regular stuff, not music, and one night Jim and his family sat with us in front of a roaring fire, going thru MORE stuff jim's wife Barb had saved over the years, tons of photos back to the Choir and Mods days, that we MADLY took the next day and photocopied as much as we could!!!! i still have a lot of it—anyway, greetings from Boston! jim horan

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I love to hear back stories, this is pretty cool.

Wow!!  Jim is a ham radio fanatic?!  That's great news all on its own.  When all other forms of communications go down, the ham operators are all over the place to help the community.  My Matt is licensed and has his call sign on a special order license plate number for his car.

God help us if the government take away the few radio band frequencies that ham operators are currently using --- they would be needed in any emergency situation, like the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake out here in Northern California.


6  6

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