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Unreleased Demos on Sunset Strip


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...are just fantastic! man, how i would have loved to hear them in all their 'berries glory in a full-on recording, & how "please let me come home tonight" never made the final cut on an album, i'll never know - this is such a fine (mccartney-esque, but pure carmen/bryson) tune, & "oh tonight" is excellent too, tho' i've never been too crazy about 'berries tunes that slip into a two-step beat; that said, it's still a very cool tune w/ some very cool changes

so ok, if raspberries play more live shows or record again, they gotta add "please let me come back home" to the set. otherwise i will gather a mob of *very insistent* raspberries fans (& you know how insistent we can be) outside the studio/concert hall door, & we will be wielding fire torches & a hanging rope in the event that you do not see fit to heed our demands, eric ;-)

the cd/dvd is a great package, & i love hearing the armed forces concert too, in all its rawness. the dvd concert is awesome & has dredged up the feelings once again of being stranded here in texas while there was "OMG, RASPBERRIES REUNION SHOWS!!" going on halfway across the country. was also fun to see/hear the fans waxing away about the glory of the 'berries

so eric, you guys just keep right on talking/looking at/& then *acting upon* doing some more shows around the country, & we'll be there!

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