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Raspberries on Bill Bixby Thanksgiving Special

Brian Mc Carthy

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The very drinky-groovy Harry Nilsson wrote the theme to "The Courtship Of Eddie's Father," but before that he wrote a song for The Monkees called "Daddy's Song" with a very similar musical feel and lyrical topic (father-son relationships).

Check em out:

The original theme with some opening dialogue that reminded me why I loved this show so much.

"Daddy's Song" — unfortunately the only version I could find on youtube of the original studio recording. It's muddy, but I think you can hear the similarities. Nilsson's own recording (nowhere on youtube) is even more similar—practically the same backing track.

BTW, tons of Courtship of E's F stuff on youtube! I, too, await the DVD release of this show.

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hollies65 said:

Harry also wrote the 'Cuddly Toy' for the Monkees ...a personal favorite.

I never really thought about it, but I can definitely see similarities between the tv show tune and Cuddly Toy. I still remember Davy Jones dancing to Cuddly Toy on the show in a striped jacket, straw hat, and cane. Too funny.

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I remember walking into Record Plant one day at 10 o'clock in the morning, and Harry was sitting at the piano and singing live with a thirty piece string section in the room. It was breathtaking.

Harry was a smoker, and was known to kill a couple of bottles of Scotch a day, but when he started to sing it was really magical.

I'd run into him at Harry's Bar in New York (where else ?) from time to time, and he was always ON. One evening he did a dead on impersonation of Muhammad Ali for four solid solid hours.

He was quite a character.

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