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Wally As A Guitarist


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Does anyone out there know of any articles written about Wally's musicianship? I think he's a killer and I love his inventive use of inversions in all of the Raspberries' music. It's a damn shame he doesn't get the recognition he truly deserves. We love ya Wally!!!!!!! :)

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I used to have a double-neck. The problem is the balance, not so much the weight. There is a Les Paul recording bass, made in solid mahogany, that is heavier. So is the "Alluminator", the guitar that looks like Swiss Cheese that is made in Medford, OR.

Most guitarists kind of take the same route--

emulating blues, 50s artists, Hendrix, etc.

The key to Wally's style is he takes a slightly different approach, and finding his own way. He can rock out when needed, but there are also some spots where he does some nice fills.

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