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marcus46 said:

Ville LaSalle, West Island........Shauns pub, Oh wait, that came later.

We were major Ralph Lockwood, Michael W. Morgan fans, both who were big time at C.K.G.M. in the day.

We would race home from school (no mp3's, or Walkman's in those days) hoping to hear GATW at least once before supper time.

Could it be that we were just catching on to what the song meant?

Hello Marcus. I'm very familiar with everything you mention, especially CKGM and Lockwood, still there's no way more than a handful of people knew of the 'berries in Mtl. I introduced them to Andy and a couple of other friends in the area, but for the most part, though people might have known GATW, they certainly weren't familiar with the band.

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"MC5 fan here. Raspberrywine wore his MC5 T-shirt to work this morning, so that must make 2."

How's R-Wine doing these days? Please give him my regards, and tell him that I'm still working on that "I Was Percy Sledge's Secret Lover" expose....but can't seem to find a publisher who's remotely interested.....(should try J. Wenner, perhaps......)

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