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While I also question Patti Smith's election, if having any sort of a connection to the Ramones means anything, I could name about 20-25 other NYC punk bands who would be in the Hall! Don't know who the blogger is who wrote the "Hall of Fame for Dummies" article, but, IMHO, anyone who thinks the MC5 was/is as overrated as Patti has absolutely NO credibility, period!.......

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Musical tastes are subjective, but for the sake of argument, here's who I'd put in from the list:

Neil Diamond


The Hollies

The Guess Who

Electric Light Orchestra

Doobie Brothers

Carole King

Three Dog Night

Joe Cocker

Cat Stevens

Hall & Oates

Todd Rundgren

The Monkees


Tommy James & the Shondells


Bad Company

The Grass Roots

Linda Ronstadt

Bon Jovi


The Small Faces


The Turtles


Herman's Hermits


The Association

Fire away!

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marvin said:

If here on this Message Board there is argument on who should (or shouldn't) be in the Hall, you can assume that the HoF voters have similar struggles. You'll never convince me that Black Sabbath deserves to be in the Hall, but that's just me. I'm sure fans of that band would probably put up a fight about bands that I think should be inducted.

I won't put up a fight for Sabbath because none is necessary. Of course I'm a bit biased because I am a huge fan, but there is no question that they not only have some great songs, but they have influenced and continue to influence countless bands! They are "The Beatles" of their genre of music. (By the way - Ozzy was and is a HUGE Beatles fan, and they are the reason he got into music back in the '60's)


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Re: The MC5 - If "Tonight," "Shakin' Street", "High School", "Teenage Lust" and "Baby Won't Ya" aren't "power pop", then I don't know what is!!! (NOTE: to the point where they used Marshall Crenshaw as a replacement guitarist/singer during some of their reunion shows...)

Between that and their covers of James Brown, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, The Troggs, two excellent guitarists in Wayne Kramer and Sonic Smith, etc......what's there not to get????

UNLESS, course, one gets the music totally confused with the John Sinclair/White Panther political bullsh*t....which, frankly, the band members have themselves disowned over the years.....

OR...the possibility that one really hasn't taken the time to listen to their music...and, after all, it wasn't played on the radio back then, so how can it be any good?.....which, frankly, is an argument I personally got from a couple of friends in 2005 as excuses why they didn't want to go to BB Kings in NYC to see Eric/Wally/Dave/Jim.....yeah, they remembered a couple of their singles, but that's it.

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Paulie - As far as considering ABBA before Raspberries, howsabout 400 million in record sales world-wide, plus the fact that they still sell 2-3 million a year, 27 years after their last studio album???.....Any other rock/pop act with this kind of sales has already been inducted. If commercial success is ANY kind of a consideration, they belong in the HoF....regardless of what one thinks of their music.

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Rather than address the MC5 again, I'd like to point out that, Motown aside, the entire Detroit music scene, expecially rock & roll, has been ignored by the HoF......Mitch Ryder, The Stooges, MC5, Alice Cooper, KISS, Ted Nugent/Amboy Dukes, Sonics Rendezvous Band, The Rationals, etc. - the list goes on and on, and even Bob Seger got little recognition until he quit playing Detroit-based roots rock, and started playing borderline easy-listening tunes...My guess is Wenner simply doesn't like the place!

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Well I got in at #99, how appropriate , being a Canuck.(hockey reference).

In my humble opinion, any band that can be described as the "closest thing to an American Beatles" merits inclusion.

During their '72 to '74 heyday, the impression on us fans in Montreal were that these guys were as big as anyone at the time, Even bigger!

To echo someone else's better half's quote in another post......"I'm surprised these guys aren't playing in bigger venues", hope that's pretty close anyway.

While the name Raspberries almost always registers low on the recall scale, once whomever I'm talking to hear the opening chord's to GATW, the memory floodgates open, and most folks have a memory or two. As well, they want to know when the guys are coming here to relive the magic in Ottawa, or Montreal.

Yes, I'm biased. That's because this band is my ALL TIME FAVORITE BAND. Period.

Sales numbers, media votes, or whatever other criteria are the basis for induction mean little or nothing to me. As I've always insisted....."It's all about the music". These guys were nothing less than stellar, and as everyone who experienced them live knows, they put a lot of other bands to shame.

Come on Hall of Fame, get with the program!!!!!!

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marcus46 said:

During their '72 to '74 heyday, the impression on us fans in Montreal were that these guys were as big as anyone at the time, Even bigger!

Marcus what part of Mtl did you grow up in? All I know is that in my end of Mtl, I didn't know of anyone other than Andy and me who knew the 'berries.

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Hi Marvin!!!!

Ville LaSalle, West Island........Shauns pub, Oh wait, that came later.

We were major Ralph Lockwood, Michael W. Morgan fans, both who were big time at C.K.G.M. in the day.

We would race home from school (no mp3's, or Walkman's in those days) hoping to hear GATW at least once before supper time.

Could it be that we were just catching on to what the song meant?

Moi, Marcus46

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