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Are The Raspberries Performing At HRC?

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Hi Everyone,

My sister and I were thinking of going to the Hard Rock tomorrow, to go see the 'Berries donate their memorabilia, so cool and I'm SO happy for them (it's been a long time coming!!) ~

but when I called the Hard Rock Cafe just now, the HRC associate said that there won't be a concert? Does anyone know if that's the case?  I haven't been online much the past week, so wasn't sure!

I'm still wanting to go regardless, but my sister was hoping to see them perform (she's never seen them in person all these years!!)...thanks so much for any info!!

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Thanks! Unfortunately the hubby & I are on our way, out the door lol, so won't have much of a chance to check everything out..was under the weather for most of the past week, so I've been behind!!! :) I'm very excited for the Raspberries and will be there in spirit if I don't go (depends on my sister)!! I'm guessing from a couple posts I just now saw, that there won't be a concert during the presentation at the HRC tomorrow~ if anyone can confirm, that would be awesome~ thanks!!

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Tim From Wisconsin said:

There will NOT be any kind of performance.

It will be a cool event though, and I'm sure that there will be an opportunity to say hello to the guys! :)

Thanks!! What time is everyone going to try and be there tomorrow? I know it 'starts' at 12:30 (I think), but would it be wise to arrive there closer to 11 a.m.? smile Should be a fun time!!

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