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Eric Carmen said:

I did a little promotional tour in Europe when the record was released. All I took with me was my bass. I remember driving all over Italy with the promo guy (Alberto Crippa, with a very long, rolled "r"). He kept calling it my "bass," like the fish. ec

It wasn't one of those promo tours like Gene Simmons just had on his "Gene Simmons' Family Jewels" show was it? He took a trip to London for his sons 18th birthday and got hijacked by the mail-room boy from the record company who ran him all over doing interviews he had set up on the sly... funny stuff... ;)

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Thanks Marlene, I was thrilled to be the winner. I wasn't sure it was going to happen. When it comes to auctions, most times someone else out bids me. Right up until the last second I was on pins and needles. It's a really neat addition for my collection. Maryanne

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