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Kelly Clarkson + Clive = !!!


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Haha. I actually like the title. My favorite part is the "yeah" that the songwriters inserted into the chorus that preceeds the song title:

'Cause we belong together now, yeah

Forever united here somehow, yeah

I have to admit, it's pretty anthemic. These writers are the same guys responsible for "Since U Been Gone," so they're really sitting on another goldmine of a smash single again. You just know Clive was tapping his toe to this one when he first heard it!

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From a pre-release review in Rolling Stone magazine: "Rolling Stone got an early listen to a few tunes from the still-untitled disc (expected out March 17th) and can report they are, in two words, totally awesome. Reports that Clarkson was making a country record were incorrect — the new album is stocked with primo pop hits reminiscent of Breakaway."

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Oh man, those slightly husky, smokey strong pipes just make every tune she touches a little better than it should be!

Imagine what she could do with an Eric Carmen cover!

"Clive, Baby! It's Eric...Eric Carmen...Carmen!...You know, The "All By Myself" guy?...Yes, that Eric, you senile old coot...Hey listen, This "Kelly" girl with the monster pipes, that you control?...Well, I have about 10 great songs from my catalog that she would sound great singing, and I was wondering If you could...Hello?...Clive?...Are you still there?..." :(

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