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Bobby Dylan vs. The Byrds


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Tom Petty never caught my fancy, and I'm not sure why considering he was hugely influenced by the Byrds.

I love Roger McGuinn's Thunderbyrd cover of American Girl so much better than Petty's original.

Petty easily fits with the Byrds & Dylan and definitely was considered "one of the family".

McGuinn just has that musical magic that I love.



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19 minutes ago, Rhonda B said:

Susie... my favourite and probably the one I know best by The Byrds  is Here Without You ...hauntingly beautiful. And especially brings meaning to one's life if they've lost somebody close.

Gene had a gift for writing such beautiful songs.  Thank you for sharing your love of this song.  It is a bittersweet confection for the heart (and ears).



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Vinnie, how did they get away with such a short gig?

I remember seeing Dave Mason play at my college. He had a sore throat, so his band played 55 minutes (to meet the contractual stipulation) then left a very frustrated audience. And... Dave had one of his bandmates do the vocals. It was around the time that "We Just Disagree" was a big hit. Well, the crowd disagreed with such a short show and wished he could reschedule (he didn't).

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